Every Melody

Chapter NINE.

(I Can't Danger Your Lives)

**_Cody's POV_**

Is it strange that I couldn't sleep last night? I couldn't help but think about Waylee and the upcoming battles she would be put in the middle of. And the fact that Alli seems to be ignoring me when she sneaks of at days break, although I beg her to tell me what she's doing.She just simply shakes her head and walks out of the cavern. 

I’m always ended up being left with Josh, the only person besides me who doesn’t support the idea of war while Campbell and Jake go and help Waylee prepare for the battles that she’ll be fighting in. I mean, fighting with actual swords and death. Playing with peoples’ lives, being able to say when they can die, how long they’ll live before you decide to kill them. Is that even right? Or fair?

Waylee’s been training from morning to night, when the stars come out for an hour, and then she can come back. Just in case the ambush is during the night, she can know what she’s doing by the light of the moon, and the light of the sun. So either way, she’s being trained extra hard so she makes this battle. If she doesn’t make it, I have one person to blame. Well, maybe more than one. More like a few.

But they have already made a rough draft if everything goes according to plan. The gophers, following Marks lead are going to distract the soldiers outside while Waylee sneaks through the castle door. Fred would be telling her how she’ll know where to go to find Laurence. Basically it’ll be the strongest point of pull in the building. The “pull” that made her walk in the direction of the castle in the first place. Only people with the blood here, can feel that pull. Otherwise, the castle is hidden from all existence, until pointed out.

Waylee hasn’t talked to me. She didn’t even look at me when I came here a few days ago after being discovered by Mark. I don’t know what I exactly did. I don’t want her to be upset. I mean, was it that kiss situation? I thought she didn’t want to kiss me, which is why I said I was joking. What if she did want to kiss me?

I shook my head, turning over onto my side. She wouldn’t like me like that. I’m pretty sure that’s clear to everyone now. Everyone but my senseless head, and Fred, who seems to think I have feelings for her. Maybe I do have feelings for her, some feelings, but they seem to be the big brother protects little sister kind. Can’t say they’re anything more than that. If you considered my feelings anything at all that is.

I watched as Waylee tried to wrap herself in her own warmth, tugging at her sweatshirt she must have thrown on before entering the portal. She was freezing, and the cave was extra cold tonight because of the forthcoming fall, and the nonstop rain that seemed to be leaking through the ceiling and cooling the rock twenty times more than usual. She’s been working nonstop lately, and it almost hurts me to see her struggle like this.

So what do I decide to do? I take off my hoodie, and drape it over her legs, bare from wearing shorts. Was it bad that I sat next to her after that, stroking her hair, while the fire crackled next to us, trying to produce heat? She kept constantly shivering, so I had to use my best guess to sit her in my lap, so the cold floor wouldn’t get to her anymore.

And there she was. Sitting in my lap, after waking a few moments, to see me trying to warm her up before falling back asleep, her head on my shoulder, her breathing lighter than I had heard her. The blanket was over her, so my heat would transfer to her and the blanket wouldn’t let it go. My back was up against a wall and I struggled to not lean down right then and kiss her cheek.

Okay, so maybe I did like her. Like her a lot. And maybe my feelings did exist, because Waylee Convington is different. Waylee Covington, the girl I loved all along ended up being heir of a throne she was fighting for, some part of me wanted to hold her back to let me fight for her, but I knew that wouldn’t be right. This isn’t my fight, and I can’t protect her.

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