Til she dies

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I stood there in shock, as the people around me ran in panick. I searched aimlessly for my mother, she told me to meet her by the old oak tree. My hands covered my ears as the sound of gun shots filled the air, followed by aigonizing screams from my neibors. My little town of Fork Stove was being invaided... by vampires. 

The vampires seemed to come out of no where. They easily could take on the 100 people in town square, we were unprepared no weapons only physical strength. As leagons say vampires are strong, cunning, menacing creatures. I personally thought they were a mith up until a year ago. Kids in the neiborhood were turning up dead, drained of blood. No one then thought it would ever lead to this, a complete take over.

Someone grabbed my arm and started dragging me toward the crowd of scared innocent people who were arrainged in lines. I did not dare say a word to the man pulling me, i saw his blood stained lips. I knew he was one of them.

I was shoved into the others, stumbling into one of my mothers friends. 

"Have you seen my mom?" i asked quietly.

"No Cassie i havent. Im sure she is around here somewhere." She said drawing her attention away from me.

I pushed my way through the frantic crowd and saw my mom, she was in the back standing there eyes scanning the area looking for me.

"Mom!" i called, a little louder then i expected but i didnt care. 

I ran into her arms and barried my face into her warm knitt sweater, as tears began to fall.  

"Sweety i am so glad you are okay." she said kissing my forehead.

My dad left us years ago. My mom has been the only one in my life i could always count on. If they took her away i have no idea what i would do. 

"Listen up blood bags!" i heard the tall pale man call in the front of everyone. 

"We are going to seperate you into lines! Ones that may live, and the ones who will be killed upon decision."

When he was done speaking an uproar of screaming erupted from everyone. I grabbed my mom tighter. 

Almost all the town had been slaughtered by the time they got to the 30 or so people in front of us. I had an idea. We were in the back in clear shot for the open fields leading to the woods. If i could some how get the perfect time i would run, with my mom in arm of course. I ran it past her she decided either way we will be killed, there was nothing to loose.

I picked up a rock and crept to the middle of the crowd of people that remained and through it. I took off low hoping no one would see. I grabbed my moms hand and ran, we ran as fast as we could not stopping until we met the boared between field and woods. 

"Honey stop i feel like im going to collapse." my mom pleaded as she slowed. 

"Mom! no we must keep going we are almost there! please!" i pleaded but she couldnt do it. My mom was 55 and had a breathing disorder that made it almost impossible for her to run long distances. 

"Mom!" i pleaded hearing a voice and foot steps hit the gravel leading to the start of the tall grass. I laid in the grass beside her, tears falling from my eyes and hers.

"I am so sorry baby, i tried. I failed you." she said lifting her hand to my face whiping away my tears. I grabbed her hand and put it to my heart. 

"Mom you have never failed me, never in all my 16 years. You are the best mom in the world!" I grasped at my face shaking in anger, sadness, frustration. Was this it?  would i have to watch my mom die? or would she have to see her own daughter be drained of blood right in front of her eyes?

"Think you could escape?" a mans voice came from the shallow patch of grass in front of us. 

"Please dont hurt us!" I persisted sitting in front of my mother in hopes to some how protect her. 

"You are nothing to me. You are worthless blood bags! It doesnt matter to me if you die or not. Lucky for you girl, you will be spared. We have other plans for you. As for your mother, she is going to have to die." He said grinning

"NO! please. Take my life instead." I pleaded

"Well you see doll face, if i had it my way you would both be dead. Due to my orders though you must be sent to work for a large order in the vampire world. Your mother is not on the list, and to be quite frank she is in awful condition. We would have no use for her." he said coming closer.

"Baby its okay, you go. I will be fine. I will be with grandma and grandpa waiting for you." she said tears swarming her eyes. 

"Mom i wont leave you! I love you too much." I said holding her tightly in my arms

"Baby girl, I love you so much. You are the light of my life. I wouldnt of changed anything. I got to see you grow for 16 years, sure i want to see you thrive in life but i cant. I want you to remeber i will always be with you Cassie." she lifter her lips to my cheeks and gave me a kiss i shall never forget, the last thing my mother ever did.

"Come girl." The man scolded grabbing my arm and pushing me to the direction the other vampires waited. 

"I will finish up here." 

I ran when i heard the scream come from my mom. My life seemed to have been completely over.  No one left to care about me, or for me. It got silent. The man appeared instantly aside me, mouth drenched in blood. He lifted his hand, his fist cuped. 

"Here girl. Your mother wanted you to have this." he said handing me a diamond necklace she was almost always wearing. 

"I fucking hate your guts!" i screamed and ran to the black car that awaited us.

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