Chapter 40

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felt a pair of lips on mine; as I started to move in sync with them. The lips were so soft and moisturized. I flicked my eyes open and saw Jerome in between my legs hovering over me. I wrapped my arms around his neck, bringing him closer. He held my waist and pulled away licking his lips.

"Morning" He said to me then bent his head down pecking my collar bone. I closed my eyes. Him kissing me this early felt so damn good.

"Morning" Slipped out my mouth.

I felt him pull away and I opened my eyes.

"What?" I asked him. I cleared my throat; trying to get my sleepy voice straightened out.

He was sitting up now.

"You wouldn't wake up, so what other way was there." He said shrugging his shoulders.

"Oh" I said and sat up too. "Well what time is it?" I asked him.

"5:13 a.m. You know everyone starts getting ready at 5:30 were behind schedule with this come on. You need to get up." He said calmly; walking into his bathroom.

I got out of bed pulling my wedgey out of my shorts and walking into the bathroom behind him. He was in the bathroom brushing his teeth. I wrapped my small arms around his torso and rested my face on his inked back. Jerome didn't have many tattoos only some; three to be exact. I rubbed his hard rock abs with my hands up and down, feeling up his ripples as I heard the sounds of him brushing his teeth. He leaned down to spit and I leaned over with him.

After he was finished he turned around and pecked my forehead and patted my butt and told me to get my shoes on. I walked out the bathroom and he followed. I put on my shoes. I grabbed one of his sweat shirts and put on top of my tank I was wearing. I was feeling cold. He looked at me and raised an eyebrow. I smiled in return.

He walked me to the door and gave me my instructions what to do. He told me to,

"Get your things ready our flight leaves in three hours"

"K" I said. I stood on my tip toes and kissed his chin. Jerome was super tall. He's like 6'4 and I'm only 5'8.

He cupped my face and kissed me deeply. I wrapped my arms around his neck and rubbed my fingers though his hair.

I tried to get my leg around his waist, but he would reject it every time. "please." I moaned in his mouth.

"No we don't have enough time for this." He said kissing my neck.

"Yes we do, please. I want it. I want you" I said. He pulled away and looked at me intensively.

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