Part Ten,

Spending around an hour to get ready I slipped into my dress, wedges and a small cardigan jacket, before applying a slight amount of makeup. I sorted out my bag, placing all of the things I'd need for the night in it, and then made my way out into the living area of the hotel room myself and Harry had been staying in. We were leaving tomorrow, and I'd had such an amazing week, Harry made sure I saw everything I needed to see here, and now we were about to spend our last night out together, before returning home.

'You, you look beautiful.' Harry spoke.

'Not too bad yourself.' I chuckled, slinging my bag over my shoulder. 'Ready?'

'Sure.' He smiled, opening the door to allow me to slip out, before locking it behind him.

The journey out of the hotel was filled with small talk, as we made our way to the location of our meal. I had no idea what Maddie had booked for us, or what Harry had in store for the night, he explained to me he had told Maddie where he wanted us to go for our final night, she just took care of 'making sure it was right'. I stopped asking questions once I realised Harry was getting irritated.

I'm just too impatient.

'I hope they do good food.' I spoke. 'I'm starving.'

'Well, if it's bad food, I'll sue.' Harry replied.

'Me too!'

'Haha, we're hear Ruby.' He spoke.

'What? This is it?' I spoke shocked. 'Oh my god Harry Styles you have out done yourself.'

It was like something from a movie.

Candles were placed down either side of a small pier that lead to a little alcove area above the sea, on the end of the beach. A table for two was set up, candles circling around it, with roses standing in the centre. I smiled as he took my hand, leading me down the pier, until we reached the table, and he pulled out a chair for me to take a seat.

It was breath taking.

'I knew you wanted to watch the sun set before we left.' Harry smiled. 'Here you go.'

'This is perfect oh my gosh, Harry, you shouldn't have.'

'Anything for you Ruby.'

I didn't really know what to do, he had really out done himself. A professional chef had been hired and he made the most exquisite meal for the two of us. Everything was just perfectly planned. As the night went on, conversation flowed, but for once, Harry never once mentioned us, how much he wanted to be with me, and he just let me remember what it was like to just have Harry, minus the pestering in the back of my head, telling me that now was my final chance to make something happen.

I wanted to tell him; of course I wanted to tell him.

I just didn't want to tell him, and then still say I was leaving.

I wasn't ready to give up my dream college.

'Ruby are you ok?'

'I'm fine, thank you.' I smiled. 'Just a little overwhelmed.'

'I'm sorry if it's too much.'

'No no, it's perfect, beautiful, thank you.' I smiled, drinking the last of my water. 'I had such a lovely night.'

'I'm sorry for being a bit of a jerk lately. Constantly pressuring you into telling me things I didn't know. I just wanted to get that chance to be with the perfect girl, but I know that I can't change your mind about where you want to go. I know it's your dream, and I never want to stand in the way of your dreams, because you deserve all of the success that you're going to get. I just want you to know that I truly do love you, and no matter how far away from me you are, I still will, because you're the one for me, you always have been.'

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