Chapter Seven

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I spent the rest of the day thinking about Jaime. I felt bad because this tended to make me ignore others. From time to time I WOULD acctually pay attention to the convo that Hope, Cat and I had in AP Biology and The talks with Vic in AP English 2 and our Harry Potter talk with Mike in Geometry but I always came back to Jaime.

When Geometry ended we all met up in the front parking lot where our vehicles were.

Mike an I were first to get there so we talked about his Whiskey Hands Music he's making. Rap wasn't really my passion but I loved his personal music.

Finally everyone but Jaime was there and we all talked about what we were going to do for the rest of the day so we could make plans.

"Well, you know my routine. I'm gonna go work at the BCYC office and earn my 7.25 per hour." Hope said with tired eyes.

"Hopie, you should come work with me at Hot Topic Wedsnday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday." I told her as I looked for Jaime, worried.

Catilina agreed. She work the same shift with me at the same store.

Suddenly Jaime hugged me from behind and said, "Sorry I'm late. i had To go drop off some books at the Library."

I smiled and replied, "it's fine, Jaimeee!" in a sing song voice.

He giggled, "So what are we gonna do today?" he asked everyone as he let me go.

"Well Vic and I are gonna go play some video games at Tony's while he goes on a date with Steph." Mike said wiggiling his fingers at Tony and Steph as they held hands.

"I'm gonna go to work." hope replied.

"I'm gonna go home and catch up on my work." Catilina said.

"You need to Catil." I joked.

"Don't make me be a cockblock Margie." She replied.

I laughed and said, "well I'm just gonna go home and chill."

"Well I'll keep you and Vladimir company." Jaime replied with a gorgeous smile.

I looked up surprised, "Really?"

"Yeah. It'll be my pleasure." he Smiled, even more gorgeously than before.

I smiled back. I never knew what to do when he smiled like that.

Hope and Catilina left so cat could drive hope to work. And Tony gave Vic the keys to his house and left with Stephanie.

That left Jaime, the Fuentes brothers and I.

"You guys want us to drive you to Margie's?" Mike said generously.

"Thanks Mike but I'll ride her scooter." he said with a cheesy grin.

I giggled and imagined Jaime on my blue scooter driving around.

Vic laughed and replied, "Okay, well, I guess we'll see eachother tomorrow?"

I smiled and nodded and said goodbye to the Fuentes brothers.

I realized being alone with Jaime was going to make me awkward because it's been a while since I was alone with someone I liked.


"Ohp, sorry I was thinking." I smiled at Jaime.

He pinched my cheek and said, "So let's go to your casa?" he invited.

I nodded. We packed his backpack, beanie and my bag into the compartment under the seat. I walked to the scooter, suddenly Jaime stopped me before I got on.

"Hey.... Can I drive?" he asked shyly.

I gave him the keys, so he got on and tuned on the ignition. He looked at me excited as I got on behind him. I hugged his waist and we took off.

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