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WHOOO ONE SHOTS!!!  All right here we go. Have fun reading and let me know what you think. Comment, vote and fan. ENJOY!! {[BTW I'M DOING THESE ONE SHOTS IN ALPHABETICAL ORDER SO HARRY, NIALL, LIAM, LOUIS AND FINALLY ZAYN.]}


        {HARRY'S P.O.V.}

I saw her. She's absolutely.... well gorgeous. I have never had anyone affect me like this... ever. The first thing that struck me was her eyes, they were a color of blue I had never seen before except for in precious gems. Saphires to be excact. The deep blue of her irises was incredible and extremely... beautiful. Her hair stuck me next, she had pin straight locks of the darkest and deepest black that went to her lower back. Her pale skin was a very strange yet perfect contrast to her other features. I didn't realize I was staring until the music just seconds before my solo invaded my mind- well, that and the fact that Louis had seen me in my slight predicament and now had his arm around my shoulder.

Thanks Lou. I send him telepathically and put my arm around him as well. The whole time I sang I stared at her, waiting for her eyes to meet mine. Putting the mic to my lips I started singing.

"Maybe it's the way she walked (OW), straight into my heart and stole it.

Through the doors and past the gaurds (OW), just like she already owned it."

I somehow managed to make it through the rest of the song, but my eyes hardly ever left her face. Thank GOD that was the last song of the night. The lads and I said our final good-byes to a screaming audience, taking deep and gracious bows we ran off stage.

"Harry, what the hell just happened out there?" Liam grabbed my shoulder and turned me around to face him. Daddy Direction was showing in his features along witha mix of worry, curiosity, and is that anger?

"I don't know, Li. I got distracted I guess..." I mumbled, turning my head towards the dressing room. Those lights were really hot and I was nearly dripping sweat as were the rest of the boys.

"You sure you're ok?" Niall cautiously asked as if I was a ticking time bomb that could explode at any minute. I walked over to him and gave him a side hug by holding him around the shoulders.

"Yeah Ni, I'm fine. Now whatta ya say we go get changed and showered to go to the meet and greet, yeah?" I tried to change the subject, and after a few seconds of looking at each other, everyone agreed. I walked away as quickly as I could, went into the room, closed and locked the door, and sat with my back against it. Running my hands over my sweaty face, I silently prayed that she would be there tonight. I held my head in my hands and thought, 'Why is this happening? Why is she affecting me like this?' I puzzled over this for several minutes until I became slightly frustrated.

Hoping that the water would clear my head, I made my way to the shower. Once I was out of my clothes, I turned on the water and stood there, not even waiting for it to get warm. I pushed my hands to the tiled wall and felt the water flush away the sweat from the day. I put my head under the shower head and watched as my curls were pulled straight by the clean liquid. I stood upright and decided that I would put my best foot forward. I would try to the best of my ability to woo this girl who had seemed to entrance me. I would try my hardest to make this girl mine.

After washing up, I wrapped a towel around my waist. I walked over to the mirror and wiped the steam off so I could see my face. I gave myself the infamous cheeky grin that the girls can't resist, dimples and all.

"Go get 'em Styles." I said to my refletion. Walking away I found a change of clothes hanging on a metal rack, probably from our sylist, Lou. I towel dried myself and put on the clothes. A white v-neck tee-shirt with a black blazer and a pair of black skinny jeans and black Chuck Taylor's. I ran the towel over my hair vigorously until it was dry enough then I fixed my curls and pushed them to the side.

I checked myself in the mirror one last time before I left the dressing room. I met with Lou and she put on some makeup, just to cover my acne. Then I found the lads and we were off. We walked with Paul and Preston, heads of our security detail, down a series of hallways and finally arrived in a big room. The sound from the hundred or so screaming girls was astounding. Since when can teens and tweens be so loud?

We sat at a long table that had pictures of us from a photoshoot earlier that week. I searched the crowded room for her. She was nowhere in sight. I sighed to myself and cursed myself for being so stupid as to hope she'd be here. The lads all had genuine smiles on their faces but mine was plastered on. Girls were screaming my name, crying, jumping, shouting for me to marry them. I tried to be happy for those girls who spent months and months saving to meet us, to meet me, and it worked to a degree.

We started going through the motions, taking pictures, hugging hysterical girls, signing autographs.

I was at the end of the table so every person that came through came to me last. I started becoming numb to everything, signing like a robot, not remembering faces or names, twitter accounts or youtube videos people told me. Soon I was so apathetic inside. I just wanted to see her. 'COME ON SYTLES... Get it together man!' I had to forget about her, I mean what are the chances I'll see her again? I saw a shadow come in front of me.

"And what's you're name sweetheart?" I had sharpie in hand as she set her picture down in front of me.

"Emmaline." She stated matter-of-factly.

"And how do you spe-" I started to ask as I looked up to see not a person standing in front of me, but an angel. It was her. She was even more stunning up close. She had dark eyeliner on her eyes that made her eyes even more brilliant than they already were. She had this goth/punk look about her that I found so.. intriguing. Her petite frame was tall and was elavated by her black combat boots. Not the type of girl I would think is my type... or a Directioner for that matter..

"E-M-M-A-L-I-N-E." She met my gaze and smiled a cheeky smile and it snapped back into reality. I quickly penned her name, a short message, and then my signature. I pulled out my iPhone and put it on top of her picture.

"I seem to have lost my number, can I have yours?" I winked and flashed my dimples, but on the inside I was freaking out. What if she said no? What if she laughed at me? What if I actually got her number??

"Sure thing Styles." She took my phone, typed in her number and returned my phone. I hit the call button and pressed the phone to my ear. After a ring or two, I heard my solo.. the one I sang to her blast from her phone. She looked at me puzzled and pulled out her phone. She answered and said hello while looking at me.

"I like your ringtone babe," was all I said. She laughed and it sounded like bells chiming. She hung up and we both put our phones away. She smiled and said, "Well, I guess I'll be going then.."

"Yeah, I'll-uh I'll call you later?" I said it as more of a question than a statement.

"Yeah, that'd be cool," she breathed. She waved slightly as she turned away into the crowd. I watched her until I couldn't see her anymore. I continued the signing with the best attitude I'd had in weeks, months even. The rest of the day I was thinking only one thing.

'I am DEFINITELY making that call.'

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