(Chapter 2)

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(Chapter two)


When she finally started talking she had stopped shaking. She told me her mom had shot herself after she saw the zombies. She didn’t know what to do so she took extra bullets, the gun, and ran. "Wait, you have a gun?", I said to a little too peppy. She nodded and handed me a small handgun. It wasn’t much but it meant if she watched upstairs I could go downstairs and get some more blankets and other supplies. "Okay, but how do I defend myself?", she asked nervously. I tossed her a blood covered rusty pipe. She looked up at me and gave me one of those ‘You’ve gotta be freaking kidding me’ looks. "I know it’s not super sanitized, but it’s what I used for a couple months", I said with a giggle. She gave me a dirty look and said "I’m going for a walk". I was going to ask her if she wanted to take her gun, but she had already disappeared.

After about an hour of silence, I figured I’d scream for her. She had told me her name. It’s was Anna- Beth Lurrs. "Anna- Beth!", I screamed. "An-", I was cut off by a loud thumping noise. "Anna! Anna can you hear me?!", I choked out as I ran towards the elevator shaft. "Anna! Please say something!", I pleaded. I waited but no noise. The thumping had retreated and I was almost certain that one of the devil’s creatures got her. I sat in the hall holding onto her mothers gun and cried for a while. It was like loosing another child all over again.

When I woke up on my tattered couch I figured I had either fell asleep or passed out, either way I knew that Anna- Beth wasn’t a dream. But the weird part was that I didn’t remember getting up and walking back to my room. I got up and checked the door to make sure it was locked like nothing ever happened. But before I was at the door, someone knocked on my window. "Anna", I cried hoping it was her. As I opened the blinds I saw a blood stained window with letters that spelled out ‘Help me’. As I opened the window I saw nothing but air. That’s when I had realized I’m on the thirty- forth floor. No one could possibly climb this, let alone a twelve year old girl! I couldn’t help to think that she was alive, like she was laughing at this joke or whatever she thought this was. "Anna!", I yelled with anger out the window.

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