Greg's POV


What happened outside?

I came away from the door to check on the pizza, to find it was burnt. Then Rosie raced though the door and up the stairs as if she'd seen a ghost.


"Rosie! For the 1000th time let me in!" I said pounding the bathroom door. she must have been in there for at least 15 minutes, Then i remembered, tthe song my mum used to sing to me when I was upset.

Don't let anyone tear you down,  

Live every bit of life to the full,  

They'll be someone waiting for you,  

Someday it will change, 

But for now that persons me,  

I'll wait for you,  

By every door,  

By every step, 

By every fall,  

I'll be there to pick you up and guide you,  

Never let anyone tear you down.

The song always sounded better when my mum sang it, but even in my scearms of so called singing, i hope it made Rosie feel a little bitter and remember that i am always there for her.

"Greg?" I heard a soft and slightly tearful voice appear from behind the door, "did you just sit on a cat?" I couldn't help but laugh, and when i heard Rosie's sweet giggle follow, i knew fro a fact i had cheered her up, just a little.

"Come on Rosie, Open the door!" I said, slowly. As I spoke, I watched the lock slowly move and the door open just a jar.

"Come here" I said opening my arms, as Rosie slowly stepped out of the bathroom into me. I couldn't help myself, pushing her hair behind her ears and kissing her lightly on the lips, as if to say, don't worry, I'm hear and I will always love you!

Unexpectedly she kissed back, harder than I did, sending a message that put us into a full make out session.


Slowly eating rock hard, burnt pizza, I looked at Rosie and saw the fear of something in her eyes and the way she picked at the black burnt cheese, showed me how sad she was by the way her hands trebled as she ate.

Why was she so upset? Had I said something to her or was this the doing of the dragon lady's doing! Rosie wasn't going to tell me tonight, I could tell because she hadn't looked me in the eyes since she came in 3 hours ago. Maybe if we both got a good nights sleep, shed be a bit more open in the morning.

Anyway it was almost 10 and it had been a long day, surely we're both just tired.

"Greg? Do you mind if go to bed, I'm not feeling that well? It could be the pizza or the fact I was crying earlier, but a good night sleep should do me some go!" She spoke in an almost whisper off her tough, but Rosie's voice was loud enough to break my thoughts.

"That's fine, I'm going to clear up here then come up myself." I said pointing towards the table, which had small pieces of black, burnt pizza across it, looked more like a meal at the foster house than a meal between two 'young adluts', as we get called.

"Do you won't any help?" Rosie asked.

"No, I'll be fine" I said trying not to sound sarcastic.

"Are you sure, mr sarcastic?" Rosie saw straight though that!

"I wasn't trying to be sarcastic! Did it come out like that?"

"Yes, now do you want my help or not?"

"Rosie, I'm sure I don't need any help!"

"Okay" she said leaving the room.

"Go upstairs, because that bottom step isn't comfy!"

"I don't know which room it is, or where any light switches are. I was hoping you wanted my help then we'd go up together!"

"Okay, but your not doing any cleaning!"

"I'll just sit here and watch!" She said walking back into the room and moving one of the kitchen table chairs out from under the table and towards the door.

I picked up the two plates and tipped the pizza into the bin then walked over to the sink to find the cleaner, spray stuff. Only to find that someone had spilt water on the floor sending me flying and dropping the two plates on the floor. As I landed on top of the broken mess along the floor, Rosie jumped up to come and help me. Slipping herself, knocking the glass table onto the floor, where the glass surface smashed! Standing up to reach Rosie, who had a pool of broken glass around her and a rather large metal framed table leg piled on top of her, I grabbed the surface of the island, forgetting there was a hot plate of uneaten chips on there. Instead of the surface I grabbed the chips and flung them across the room and they splattered on the wall! By the time I got the leg off Rosie, the room was in a worst state than it was before I tried to clean up!

"Remind me never to clean anything again!" I said looking around the room in horror.

"You are just one messy pup!"

"Let's try, again!" I said grabbing the broom and Rsweeping everything into one corner as Rosie got the dust pan and brush. "That's all the glass up! Are you hurt?"

"No, I'm fine! But are you bleeding?" She said as her eyes followed a trail of blood to where I was stood!

"Oh shit yeah, I am!" I said looking at my hands, which were a red mess.

"come here!" Rosie said standing my the tap, " now this may hurt a little but they need to be clean! Where's your first aid kit?"

"Second cupboard from the door, top shelf!" I said putting my hands under the cold running water.

"Keep them underr the water!" Rosie snapped!

"But its bloody cold!" I snapped back! Rosie had got the first aid kit down and was looking for something, "what are you after?"

"Urmmmm... Big plasters and antiseptic cream! Got them, now take your hands out from under there!" She said looking at my hands, and rubbing the antiseptic cream on them, "stop moving!"

"Sorry, nurse!" She ignored my comment and carried on putting on a plaster that covered my whole hand, and doing the same to the other. Then wrapping a bandage around them both.

"All done!"


I wrote the lyrics half way though, they are not anyone's other than mine! guys please comment and  vote and fan please.

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