Smarty's pov

Joe handcuffed Julio and pushed him into the pasage to where the elevator was.

"Here's a lantern I found upstairs and grabbed just in case," Mad Dog said, rubbing his nose with one hand and the other handing Julio the lantern.

Mad Dog's cuts seemed to be healing, but one last cut on the side of his face would seem to end up as a scar. Julio took the light and we stepped into the elevator. We began our descent even farther underground. Coco kept ranting on how the weight of earth was going to collapse on us and we'd die. Charles was whistling some song I didn't know the name of. And every once in a while Joe would adjust the tightness of Julio's handcuffs. After about two minutes we were starting to get concerned. Two minutes is a long time when you're in an elevator.

"How much longer?" Joe asked as she shoved Julio forward.

He stumbled until he hit the wall. He grabbed the light and stood up. "A little bit more. I've only gone down here once, mind you." Joe seemed satisfied with the answer, but not so much with the wait. Either way, she went back to her original spot. Finally we reached the ground floor. Julio turned away from the doors to face us. "Okay, there's a passcode to unlock the doors."

"Yeah, and?" Joe asked impatiently.

He sighed, "I don't...exactly...remember it..."

"You little SHIT! You bring us all the way down here to tell us you don't remember how to get out?!" Joe screamed. She grabbed Julio by his shoulder and shoved him to the other side of the elevator, knocking him into Loud Speaker and Fire Muffin. She grabbed him again. "You better remember in the next 10 seconds before I kill you here and now!"

She pulled her fist back and punched him the face. Surprisingly, she could still punch as hard as she could nine months ago. "Tell me now!"

"I don't remember!"

Then she screamed and continuously slammed his head against the doors. Every so often she'd ask if he remembered. The answer would always be no, so she continued to beat him. We all stood and watched and didn't say anything. By the time Julio was bleeding and in tears, Joe ran out of energy. "Somebody beat him for me!" she ordered as she dropped Julio to the floor. Julio curled into a ball and sobbed into his lap. None of us had the stomach to abuse his poor soul any farther. "I said someone beat him! NOW!" she screamed again.

"Joe, sweetness, calm down," I said softly.

She snapped around to face me. "How can I calm down when freedom is RIGHT BEHIND THOSE DAMN DOORS?!"

"Joe you're scaring us!" I burst.

"Good! I'm reminding you why I was leader in the first place!"

"No! You were picked leader because Bomb Squad was your idea! Not because we were afraid of you!"

"Then why are you scared now?!"

"Look what you've done to this poor kid!" I pointed to Julio, who was still on the ground sobbing. "Is that what you want to teach our baby?! To be a sadistic psychopath?!"

"Leave her out of this! How dare you bring our baby into this!" This was the worst any of us had seen Joe in our entire lives. "I'll show you, I'll show all of you, who's boss!" She turned back to Julio and starting kicking him in the back. "What's the code?! What's the code?! What's the damned code?!" she continued shouting. She pulled her leg as far back as she could. "I'll ask you, one, last, time. What's the code?"

"I don't know!" Julio cried. Joe had reached her limit, she swong her leg forward. She kicked someone, but the cry of pain had come from a girl. Joe immediately jumped back and looked down to see who she had kicked the crap out of. We all gasped as we saw a mix of blood and a broken pair of glasses on the floor. Her hair hung in front of her face while the red blood dripped from her left eye. Her hands were completely still, while the rest of her body was shaking uncontrollably. She didn't cry, but the tears fell anyway and mixed with the blood pooling around all of our feet. She looked up to reveal her one blue eye. It was Coco.

"I know the code," was all she said before she toppled over and laid in her own blood. She also appeared to be unconcious, which made sense because her eye still hadn't stopped bleeding. Boss Man pushed everyone out of the way and knelt beside her. He pulled her head into his lap, not caring about the amount of blood pouring onto his pants.

Joe attempted to walk over to her, but Boss Man yelled, "Get the hell away from her!"

Joe's eyes flooded with tears as she backed away. She rubbed her stomach and whispered, "I'm sorry." She didn't specify if it was to Coco, Julio, our baby, or all three. She just stood in a corner while everyone was barked at by Boss Man to get away from Coco. The only people he let near her were Mamasita, Kissmy, and Buzz Kill, who was treating her eye.

"How is her eye going to be?" Boss Man asked as his voice shook.

Buzz Kill sighed. "I might have to remove it."

"But will she be okay?" Mamasita demanded. Buzz Kill answered by taking a pair of medical scissors and cutting out the remains of Coco's eye. Some turned away, most were crying, and I even ended up throwing up in my mouth.

"What do you want to fill her eye socket with? Knowing her, she wouldn't want it sewn shut." As Buzz Kill finished her sentence, Coco began to stir. Everyone jumped back.

Her eyes, well eye, opened and she looked around the cramped elevator. She noticed the large amount of blood on the floor. "Is that all from Julio? Why are you hovering over me? Go help him," she said, her voice rasping.

"Honey, all that is from you," Boss Man choked out.

"What happened?" she asked. Her hand flew to her face.  "And why does my eye hurt?"  she questioned, her voice getting louder. She looked at her reflection in the elevator wall. She removed her hand and jumped away from the wall. "What happened?!" she repeated, this time more concerned.

"We had to remove your eye, Becky," Buzz Kill somewhat explained.

"Why?!" Then she noticed Julio still on the ground. "Quick! Give me my medical bag!"

"Becks, we can help him in a minute! We got to finish your eye first!"

"Well hurry!" Coco ordered Buzz Kill to wash the blood off her old eye and place it back in. Then she used medical tape to close her eyelid for the time being. The second after Buzz Kill was finished, Coco grabbed her bag and began to treat Julio's wounds. His body was covered in bruises, he'd broken a finger, his lip was almost completely stitched up, and he had a giant lump on his forehead.

Julio just laid on the floor silently even after Coco had fixed him. Coco just let him lay there as she stood up and wiped their blood on her jeans. She turned around to face us. "Now onto the code."

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