Part 31

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(6 days later)

I was now 10 weeks pregnant. This meant today was the day I was going for my first scan. All the girls had told me to text them to tell them how it went.

I woke up feeling quite nervous. I had breakfast, had a shower then got dressed. I walked down the stairs ready prepared to go. Max was standing in the kitchen looking out the window into mid air. I made him jump by scareing him. He turned around quickly looking frightened.

"You made me jump!" he said looking worried. I laughed at his reaction.

"I know sorry, ready to go" I replied after I had finished laughing.

"Yes ready, let's go!" Max answered grabbing the car keys and running out the door.

I locked the house behind myself then got in the car. Max held my hand the whloe way there.

We got to the hospital and parked the car. We walked to the doors and then paused for a second. I was so scared. Max put his arm around my waist and guided me into the building. We sat in the waiting room for ages. The longer we waited the more nervous we got. I looked around at all the people present in my view. So many different emotions were present. A man ran past us smiling he stopped and shouted 'I'm a dad' then cryed tears of happiness. I looked at Max who was smiling like a cheshire cat. I could tell he was imagining himself doing that in 6 months and 2 weeks time.

The nurse called us in. I stood up shaking a lot. I walked into the room and sat on the bed. Max sat in a chair beside me holdong my hand tightly in his. The gel got put on my stomach which made me laugh as it tickled. Then we waited patiently for our baby to appear on the screen. Time went on and i started getting nervous and scared.

"I will be back in a minute" the nurse said before putting the equipment down and stepping out the room.

I looked at Max with a worried expression lay across my face.

"Everything will be ok" he told me kissing my cheek.

The nurse came back in folowed by a doctor. The doctor placed the appratus on my stomach again. The screen stayed blank, nothing changed, nothing showed up. He put it down and before he spoke tears flared up in my eyes.

"No" Max said tearfully.

"I'm so sorry you have lost the baby" the doctor replied as i gave out a loud cry and sniff.

"Why did it happen to us?" i asked in barely a whisper.

"It can happen to anyone at any point, it's not your fault" the doctor answered before walking out the room.

Me and Max walked out the room and stopped. In the room infrout of us was a lady and man celebrating parenthood as they held there little bundle of joy in their hands. I cryed hard as i fell into Max's chest. I felt his tears land on my head as he cradled me tight.

When we got home I went straight upstairs and fell on the bed. Why did this happen?? What did I do?? Was it my fault?? All those questions ran through my head as my tears landed on the bed sheets. Max came and conforted me but even he was crying his eyes out.

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