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Pen Your Pride

Chapter 56

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Mia woke in Nathan’s arms. He was spooning her from behind, one of his hands on her hip, the other above her head. She could just feel the tips of his fingers touching the top layer of her hair. She blushed as she realized she was naked, and then calmed down to the thought that he had now seen her naked more than a few times and last night was like he was drinking every part of her body for memory. She smiled. Her mind and body were on the same page last night, and still were this morning. She felt no regret.

She pressed herself back, wanting to melt into him. She had decided one of her favourite things with Nathan was to wake up next to him in the morning. He was warm and comforting, and safe.

He groaned sleepily and wrapped his arms tighter around her. He reached his head round and kissed her temple again. She twisted her own head to look at him, making sure her body didn’t move, not wanting to release that contact yet.

“Hi,” she said.

“Hi,” he grinned back, not making any moves to let go of her, “You ok?” he asked, his face turned a little worried as he thought she would be regretting last night.

“Definitely more than ok,” was Mia’s happy reply.

“Me too,” he chuckled and kissed her temple again, “Are you sure it’s ok though?” he asked again.

Mia shushed him, “Nathan if I wanted to stop I would have said something. There’s no way I wanted it to stop.”

“But what about moving slowly?” Nathan frowned, “I’m not saying I didn’t want last night ‘cos that was, well pretty incredible, I just…I just want you to be sure.”

His eyes were tender again and Mia cupped his cheek, rubbing her thumb over the cheekbone.

“Nathan I love you ok?”

“If you’re sure,” he kissed her and then pulled back after a second, “Mia will you be my girlfriend again?”

Mia felt her happiness overflowing again, “Of course I’ll be your girlfriend again fringey.”

He groaned and ducked his head into her hair, “I don’t even have a fringe anymore.”


Mia sprinted as fast as her legs would carry her through the backstage area at the Summertime ball. Nathan chased after her, dodging round other acts, make-up artists and presenters, an open bottle of water clutched in one hand. She squealed with fear and laughter shooting past Tom and Max, only just managing to skid round the corner and fly into the boys’ dressing room.

She tried to shut the door before Nathan had a chance to get in but he was stronger than her and barged through. Mia covered her face as he flicked his wrist making a rainbow of water spray onto her top. She peeked through her fingers but didn’t get a chance to see anything other than a warm chest hugging her.

“You know you’re an ass right?” she groaned.

“Serves you right for starting it,” Nathan kissed her temple.  Mia looked up, meeting his crinkled eyes and saying,

“I didn’t mean to tip it on you.”

Nathan cocked his head to one side, “So you didn’t mean for half a beer can to tip onto my crotch? I looked like I pissed in me pants.”

“Well when you put it like that…” Mia trailed off.

Nathan chuckled and Jay’s voice called from the other side of the dressing room,

“I hope that beer was from our backstage rider shortass!”


“You sneaky little,” Jay started and Mia swiveled to poke her tongue out at his indignant face. She tried to hide behind Nathan’s back but he side stepped,

“No way am I protecting you now.”

Mia tried to protest but Jay had crossed the room by now and her small body was trussed up over his shoulder as he began to spin. She screamed out and laughed like a child as the floor turned into a blur.

When she was set down she stumbled and was caught by Nathan. She allowed herself to be pulled into his chest. She noticed the other boys had entered and were watching the scene with smile on each of their faces. She saw Max give Nathan a meaningful glance before her head found the crook in Nathan’s neck.


Mia was stood in the raised seats in the arena with Nareesha, Kelsey and some of Jay’s friends watching the boys perform. She was screaming, shouting and jumping along with everyone else. She could sometimes catch Nathan’s face on the big screen and grinned on seeing him play up to the cameras and to the girls screaming for him at the front. She could see his confidence on stage and his slinky dance moves were a world away from the awkward and sarcastic Nathan she knew. He was a different person. Mia knew it was music that made him that way. Music which made him come alive on stage.

The boys finished Chasing The Sun and Mia knew the next song was going to be the acoustic one that Nathan had written for her on Valentine’s day, it had ended up not being their greatest success which was why management had released Chasing The Sun only a week after but Mia knew the weight which the song held for him. However before the introduction music began or any of the other boys spoke she could see the tiny spec of Nathan on stage in the centre. His face came up on the big screen and she could see he’d taken his sunglasses off. He held the mike up to his lips and addressed the eight thousand strong crowd,

“Is everyone having a good time?” he shouted, the crowd roared with approval, and he grinned,

“That’s good, that’s good, now the next song we’re gonna do is one that I wrote about four months ago, it’s called ‘If it means a lot to you and today,” he paused to take a breath,

“today I’m just gonna tell you why I wrote this song,” the crowd were still cheering but now they all listened as one as Nathan continued,

“I wrote this for my beautiful girlfriend Mia because even though I’m away from her a lot, she sticks by me through it all. Mia I love you babe, don’t forget it,” he looked up in the vague direction that he knew Mia was standing.

Mia’s mouth dropped open and her eyes heated up again. She could feel Nareesha’s arms around her shoulders as Nathan jogged over to a keyboard to begin playing the introduction with Tom on guitar. He was smiling. And so was she.

She couldn’t stop a few tears rolling down her cheeks as Nathan sung his solo, his head tipped away from his microphone, his eyes closed and his powerful voice surged through the stadium,

And hey, sweetie,

Yeah I need you, you tonight,

And I know you don’t want me leaving,

And yeah you don’t want it, and yeah you don’t want it,

But I can’t help,

I feel so complete with you by my side,

And I know you know,

That I can’t come home ‘til they’re singing,

La, la, la, la, la, la


Titch :)

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