“I’m ready!”

“Ready for what exactly?”

I jumped six feet up in the air and nearly had a heart attack because of my dad.


“Oh really well then I’ll be taking that.”

He got the gun that I had and took it away.

No!!!!!!! Striker!!!!!!!!!! My baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

“I was just going to borrow it.”

I tried to sound convincing like I wasn’t hiding anything.

“Borrow it for what it hasn’t been tested yet?”

“Uh… That’s what I was going to do! Yah, that’s it! I was just going to test it.”

“No you are not that is my job.”


“But… But…”

“If you really care that much we can test it together.”

He grabbed my arm made an excited face and ran into another room where we could test it.

“I can’t wait to see what my creation can do!”

“How long will this take?”

“About an hour maybe two but I’m in no hurry so maybe I’ll just take my time today.”

Oh no.

“Hey Dad, what if we test it in the field? You know with the real thing.”

“Interesting idea just let me make sure everything’s good and then we can go.”

My dad started checking his creation to make sure it is in good condition for testing and he took about half an hour. He put the gun down and opened his laptop typed something in and clicked enter.

“Are you done yet?”


“Then what are you doing?”

“I’m checking something.”

I peered over his shoulder and saw he was on a website. It was a blog or something because there is a lot of writing on it.

“Are you on Facebook?”

“No!!! Why would you think that?”

“Well then what are you on?”

“I’m on”


“Oh, did I forget to mention they have a website?”

“Yes, yes you did.”

“Oh, well they have a website.”

“What’s on it?”

“Events that are going to take place and other stuff”

“Let me see that.”

I took the lap top and at the top right side I saw a search box. I typed in the letters L, U, K, and E. I clicked enter and it brought me to two articles. One is titled: Luke clone, a genius invention, and the other is called: Luke, a traitor that must be punished! I clicked on the second article and started reading it.

Luke, a traitor that must be punished!

Someone who was once our ally has now betrayed us and should be severely punished. The traitor, age of sixteen, named Luke has worked for A.D.A.M. at a young age. We have asked very little of him and he was very obedient. What made him change? What made him decide to be disloyal to A.D.A.M.? Luke should suffer the consequences of deceiving us because of how kind we are and how we let him live with us. We took him into our organization and how does he repay us? He let us down and the newest member of the Monster Hunter family has escaped! She was a big part in our plan but now that the Hunter is not dead, she could be a big problem for us. Luke is the one that let her get away it was his mistakes that caused this.

A.D.A.M. is holding a meeting next week on Tuesday to discuss his punishment. If you would like to give your opinion on the punishment you may vote at 1:00 PM at Monster Hall. The options as you are all aware are: Death, Torture, Rot in a cell, or Eaten Alive by one lucky Monster.

I stopped reading the article and looked at the date it was written. It was written last week and today happened to be Tuesday. I looked at the time on the bottom left of the computer and it said it is 9:01.

Good I have time.

“Dad let’s go I know where we can find our test subjects.”

I grabbed his arm, the gun, and started dragging him to where my mom parked her car.

“Where are you going?”

“To mom’s car”

“We are not going in that old thing. Come on.”

He took me to a colossal garage. In it there is what I like to call the Hunter mobile. It was a black car with dark green colored tires, bulletproof windows, a high tech sound system and the best part is the awesome cup holders. I was in love with that car. I was about to get in but my dad said something.

“We aren’t taking that.”

He then pointed to something covered with a black sheet full of dust.


“OH MY GOSH!!!! It’s a dusty black sheet!”

I hope you notice my sarcasm because I added on an extra pound of it.

“Oops forgot, sorry.”

He pulled of the sheet and there was a table with two toy motorcycles.

“It’s my new invention; while you were away I had time to make these.”

He looked so proud of his work it was kind of sad.

“Toy motorcycles have already been invented you can get them at the store for a dollar.”

“These aren’t toys and you can’t get them at the store. Here, throw it on the floor.”

He handed me one of the toy motorcycles and I threw it on the floor and nothing happened.


“Nothing happened”


I look back at the toy and it was no longer a toy it was a life size motorcycle.


“Motorcycles are now portable thanks to me! Now it won’t get stolen and you can make sure it’s not because it now fits into your pocket.”


“Cheesy line of the day: Let’s ride!”


Hey Guys thanks for reading hope you like this chapter. I'm sorry but portable motorcycles don't actually exist but maybe one day they will. If I find one or make one someday I'll let you know.

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