Prologue: I, Shayenne Hall, will find you the perfect boyfriend-

    I gasped and nudged Melissa on the arm, who was laying next to me so we could both peer at my laptop screen, which sat in front of us on my bed. The room was dim, only lit up by the different coloured fairy lights that were hung up along my ceiling. Melissa looked at me, and then to the screen.

    "Isn't he a looker?" I said, grinning widely. I could just imagine the look of appreciation in my eyes as I stared at the mousy-brown haired guy posing in his profile picture. He didn't have a shirt on either, so his six-pack was on full display. Yum. 

    "Who is he? Is he from our school?" She asked me, her eyes bright and curious. I scrolled down his profile page, looking for his basic information.

    "You're in luck, Liss, he's also in our year group!" I practically burst with excitement. "Oh my gosh, we should totally stalk him on Monday! Well, we'll have to find him first." I chuckled, already budding a plan in my head for how to accidentally bump into him. 

    "What're you on about, Shay? I'm not asking him out!" Her face looked absolutely horrified, as if she was staring at the most disturbing, scariest thing she'd ever laid her eyes upon. "I've only just broke up with Liam, I- I'm not ready to move on yet." Her voice quietened as she reached the end of her sentence, her eyes switching from horror to sadness. 

    "That's exactly why you should get yourself back on the market! You need to get over him, Liss, and this is the perfect way to do it!" I encouraged enthusiastically. I hated seeing my best friend hurt and betrayed, especially due to some stupid guy who she was way to good for anyway. 

    "No, Shay, I don't know. I mean, I just don't want to get my heart broken again. I'm sick of putting it back together only for it to be stamped on by the next guy who decides he's found someone better." I could see a glistening of tears at the lids of her eyes, but she inhaled deeply and wiped them away. "If only there was a way to find the perfect guy, things would be much simpler." She laughed softly, staring down at my purple duvet. 

    I sprung up from my stomach to my knees, staring down at Melissa with a look of pure exhilaration. Her eyes jumped to mine as she propped herself up on her elbows, watching me with suspicion and seemingly dreading the next words that were to come from my mouth. 

    "I've just had the most amazing idea to ever cross my mind." I stated dramatically. "I, Shayenne Hall, will find you the perfect boyfriend by the end of the school year." A proud feeling washed through my body as the plan already started to form. 

    "Yeah, all right then." Melissa scoffed, jumping to the floor and making her way over to the put-me-up bed. She climbed in and tucked the covers around herself before saying, "And how do you expect to do that then?" 

    "You let me worry about that." I muttered, and Melissa shrugged as she rolled her eyes. I shut my laptop down and placed it on the drawers by my bed, before pulling my duvets around myself and snuggling into my pillow. 

    As I lay there, staring up at my ceiling where the fairy lights glowed -because I couldn't sleep in the dark- I decided that tomorrow would be the day where I would gather all the props I would need to pull this off. The props that are: three diaries, three wigs and three different personalities. 

    Could I really find Melissa the perfect boyfriend in the space of four months? I guess we're about to find out. 

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