A Broken Soul

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Her parents, that couple she thought would be together forever, that one couple she looked up to. It was all gone now, all thrown out the window. This was just all to much. She broke down crying on her mom’s dead body. After a while she stood up and looked at her mom, she traced a finger down her moms face. 

How could this happen, how could you do this mom? Charlotte thought in silence while more tears fell down her face. She ran out of there just not knowing how to handle everything. Her life went from Perfectly fine one day to a total wreck in a couple of days. She Ran she ran until she could run anymore. By then she came to a stop She looked at her view a water fall WOW it was breath taken. Char walked a little closer to the falls Maybe if this was under better circumstances she would appreciate such Beauty, but she couldn’t . A part of her wanted to just fall over and end her life right there, the other part wanted to run into someone’s arms anyone just anyone and cry, she needed to be rescued. After an hour of crying in her shirt she stopped and reality hit her like a ton of bricks. She had now lost both parents. As she thought she thought “Its all his fault, If he hadn’t cheated Mom wouldn’t be dead she would be alive *Sobes*” Char thought long and Hard. Does love really do this to you? Can you fall in love with someone who was never really in love with you, do you give your all to a person who gives nothing back. Is love so dark so heartless so sad. Char never really knew about love because she didn’t have time for boys. But right then she swore to herself she would NEVER fall in love not if this was what love was, She didn’t want it not at all. She didn’t want to go throw what her mom Had went throw, She swore she wouldn’t let any guy do what her dad did to her mom do to her. She thought it must had been hard for her mom to see her own husband walk out the door knowing he was going to meet an other woman To have him sleep in the same bed as her knowing she would never really have all of him, not like before. Cher didn’t want to go throw any of that pain and by that not happening she wouldn’t fall in love she wouldn’t she just couldn’t not after seeing what her dad had done to her mom. Char couldn’t believe she was still calling him her dad, he wasn’t her dad she knew her dad he wouldn’t do such a thing , that man he was a completely different person, a stranger. As Tears screamed down Char’s face again not knowing how to get back to the hotel, she had to call her aunt and tell her all that had happen, her sister was dead. How does someone tell there aunt her sister died because Her own husband cheating. Char wouldn’t be surprised if her aunt knew about the cheating, she knew her family kept a lot of things from her and she didn’t like that. Char walked back to the hospital she didn’t know how she even remember the way back but she did. The doctor had her sign some papers, he said he had Called her aunt already and told her everything. Char felt a little relieved she wouldn’t have to go throw the pain of telling her aunt and having to relive those hours in her head again it was just all to much to handle. Char got a taxi and headed Back to the hotel. She went to the phone and called her aunt they had a talk, Char would get on the next flight back to US in the morning. At this point Char was lost, Lost in the darkness and she didn’t know how to find herself, there was just so much pain and sadness. Both parents gone. What now? What does she have now. Char was scared, Scared and Alone. She felt as thought every organ in her body had been ripped out, She knew right then and there she was broken…..A Broken Soul

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