Chapter Twenty-Four: You are the strongest person I know.

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Chapter Twenty-Four: You are the strongest person I know.

Monday Morning.

THE tension in the locker rooms was heavy as George changed for training. Marlon wasn't there of course but David said that he'd be watching the training.

Running out of the locker rooms, George breathed on the crisp morning air as he jogged over to coach. "Your girl packs quite a punch, Scott," Couch stated, smiling slightly at him.

George didn't know how to respond. He thought that coach would've been fuming that one of his players have been injured but he was smiling. Actually smiling.

"Did I miss something?" George asked curiously as he heard a couple of guys make their way towards them both.

Shaking his head, coach Johnston glanced at the sulking guy on the bleachers and back to George. "No. You didn't miss a thing."


Lydia couldn't help but frown when she saw a furious guy making her way towards her. Though Lydia didn't recognise him from anywhere so she shook her head. Why am I so paranoid all of a sudden?

Before Lydia could answer that question, she was flung to the ground in the middle of the hallway. What the heck?

Rubbing her temple, Lydia tried to get up but as soon as she began to stand up someone pushed her back down again. Looking up she saw the guy who was running towards her a few minutes ago. He was glaring at her while his mouth was in a permanent scowl.

"Excuse me," Lydia whispered, trying to push herself off the ground once again but was pushed harshly back down. What on earth was his problem!

Taking a deep breath Lydia, looked up at him only for him to be not there. It was as if he completely disappeared. Though the crowd that was once around her and the mystery guy had formed another circle.

Around a person who looked like George and the mystery guy.


Okay, hold on a second. Who is this mystery, guy?

Sometimes I surprise myself with the things I do. Like today, I did absolutely nothing and have a lot to do. I'm totally screwed.


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