"Anna! I'm back with reinforcements~! " Emeri sang as she burst open the room into the science lab. "Emeri! You came so quickly! I hope you came back with some good-" Anna turned around and stared at Emeri's "reinforcements" for what seemed to be five minutes. "Emeri you DUMB ASS!" Anna threw a wrench at Emeri.

      "Ow! What was that for you abusive jerk!" Emeri shouted. "I send you to retrieve reinforcements and you return with your neighborhood friends!?" Anna yelled. "Well, they were the next best thing, and who would want to face against Genderless!?" Emeri retorted. "Me and my friends have wanted to do this since we were six! We even made up a game for it!" Anna was silent. "Oh what the hell. But you'll need weapons and supplies first to then set out on your mission. "Really!? We could go?! Thanks you so much!" Emeri ran up to Anna and gave her a big hug. "Okay guys, let's start training!"

          Mel screamed in pain. "You can't turn me against my sister! I...will...never...become...evil..." Mel passed out, with a ray of light around her. "Excellent..." Repiela whispered.

              "Okay, this is the training course that I used when I was trained." Emeri boasted. " How you think I could do this?" Emeri sprouted her wings and flew through the course, without even breaking a sweat, slicing the dummies with her electric sword and ducking through the wired hazards above.  "So, the course to me is a walk in the park." Emeri grinned. "That's so cool! Let me go first!" Aryanna, one of Emeri's friends spoke up."Um I gues-"Aryanna interrupted Emeri by sprouting her wings, and flew through the course, dodging, hitting the dummies, and flying as fast as she could. "Impressive!" Emeri exclaimed, shocked by her agility and speed. "Who wants to go next?"

    In an unknown location...

        "Ugh, where am I?" Mel had woke up in a violet blue chamber- and it was freezing in there! ' I don't remember what I'm doing here... how did I even get here?' Mel thought. Mel tried to open the door, but it was stuck.

          "Hello Abigail...." A voice whispered on the other side if the chamber door. "Who are you?! Why are you here?" Mel shouted. "Don't fuss like that~" The voice giggled. Mel listened. ' That sounds like a child's voice, around my age...' Mel thought again. "My god, you are such an idiot!" The child giggled. "I AM YOU, but from a different dimension." Mel was shocked. "But, how is that even possible? What are you in the other dimension? Can you please explain!?" Mel shouted. "Well, if you just shut the hell up, I just might be able to tell you!" The other dimension Mel exclaimed. Mel gave her otherworldly self a dirty look. "Emeri always said that kind of language is dirty!" Mel shouted. (Lets just call the other dimension Mel M2 for now.) M2 giggled. "Well in the world I'm from, you don't even know who Emeri is..." M2 went into the chamber where Mel sat. "You even have the intent to kil-" Mel slapped M2 across the face.

          "I don't know who you are, but you won't fill my head with false facts! I'll get rid of you!" Mel attempted to let out her hyper screech, but failed to no avail. Mel gasped."Now you get it..." M2 said. "That liquid took away your special powers,and did other things to you, but I'll get to that later. But the loss of your voice it what led you to take revenge on Emeri. But explaining won't lead you anywhere, let me show you..." M2 snapped her fingers, and she and Mel were encased in a shield of bright light. When the light faded, the place of where the girls teleported to was revealed.

          "What kind of sick place is this!?" Mel exclaimed. "It's the war, seven years from now." M2 exclaimed. "But we look the same age!" Mel shouted. M2 snapped her fingers, and she was transformed into a 14-year old Mel. 'Hmm... I don't look that bad.' Mel thought happily. "Okay, I changed my name from Mel to Kryoria." Kryoria explained. "But Emeri gave me my name, Mel..." Mel whispered. "Why would I ever change it?" "Because she hates your guts here! Get it through your little head! If you go back to Emeri, you'll be useless without that scream of yours!" Kryoria shouted. "But, if you join Genderless's army, you'll be an immortal and live forever! The only catch is that you'll get this immortal seal on you, which will unleash what you're really made of!" Kyoria said happily. "No deal Kyoria!" Mel shouted. "I'll never join that evil brigade, they're filled with false hope and hate for other people!""Oh Melainia, we'll see who's filled with false hope... "Kyoria smirked.

                   "Agh! That was a grueling workout guys!" Emeri wiped off sweat from her forehead with a towel. "Well guys, I think you guys are ready to recieve your weapons, from your time in the training course!" Emeri exclaimed happily. "Okay Aryanna, bow and arrow for you, Emeri gave her a bow with a pack filled with 20 arrows. "Phoebe, spell book for you since you're so smart!" Emeri gave Phoebe the spell book. "Hey! I'm more intelligent than Phoebe!" Jack exclaimed. Emeri looked at Jack. "It's too girly for a boy to have a spell book!" Emeri burst out laughing. After giving everyone their weapons or sent them to Anna to give them powers within them, Emeri announced, "That was just pity practice, it's time for the real training!" she exclaimed happily. "That's a bunch of bullshit coming out of your mouth Emeri." Jack muttered.

            "Kryoria, you're scaring me..." Mel quivered. "I'm just implying, you think you'll be all perfect and with Emeri and Anna forever, but they hate your guts here, and they will in your world." Kryoria whispered in Mel's ear. "And I'll make sure of it by making you into an Immortal...." "No! You can't make me!" Mel shouted. "Honestly, if I can't make you do this...." Kryoria smirked.

                             ....My dark magic will force you to with no struggle at all.

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