(Real) Ch. 1

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(A/N: Sorry if this is a slow beginning. This is actually my first story except for the ones I write in English classes. Umm, I need reviews and criticism to make this better. Stay open-minded! Oh, and not TO harsh. SO SORRY FOR GRAMMAR AND SPELLING! Im American and this fiction so sorry if i get geographical stuff wrong about England.:)

Chapter 1: Before:

Michele peeped out from the wall that separated our room from the bathroom in our dorm. With a pink foamy toothbrush in mouth and a high bun trying to hide her morning hair because we had no time to do our normal routine. We were getting ready for our morning classes here at North London Boarding Academy .As you guessing we are at a boarding school...in North London. Yeah, a bit random if I say so myself.

I, Mercy Watts was shipped here by my out-of-this-world rich parents because I may have thrown a crazy house party while they were on a trip....But they decided sending me away from my perfect life back In the states was going to make me "mature" as they said. As if. Because keeping me on a campus with hot British guys and party-animals is going to make me better. Pshhh. But once I remembered One Direction lives in London I came, not like my parents would give another choice. It just gives me a bit of, reassurance.I guess.

So, More about me, im almost 16(Thank god!) which means i should be getting freedom to a new car. But NOOOO. Stuck here with foreigners. ( A/N: i love britsh people dont take offensively! just going with the plot) I cant legally get it until im 18. Same with drinking. But does that stop me? ;) hell naww. American activated. Sorry, im a daydreamer. Michele Clark ( Roomate) and i are both New-Yorkers. Our Parents are business partners and do everything together. Including shipping their own beloved children away at the same damn time. Me and my american passion .

OK back to the story. "Michele! Hurry Up were going to be late for the Calc test" ! i scream dramatically while flailing my in the air gesturing towards the door. And with an emtionless face, she simply flicks me off playfully and and she struts to her bag and simply walks out the door. I sigh and lock the door behind me. This was going to be a long day...

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