The Vampire Succubus

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"You now its time Sisi " said Mondergam. And I blinked my tears away. He was the only one who ever called me Sisi. How I used to hate it when we were younger. I stroked his ravaged face with my fingertips. "It is time." he repeated. I blinked hard again. I wished I didn't know what he was talking about.-I am tired Sisi it has been six years since the fire. You and Natasha have spend countless hours trying to figure a way to heal me. But you can't . You know that. Fire is one of the few things that can damage our race and isn't reversible by drinking blood. 

"But maybe Mondergaum if we find the right potion. We just need to heal your leg. The rest doesn't matter." I tried in vain to convince him. 

"Sisilia you know our race can't survive like this. We were meant to be young and beautiful and strong until the day we make the trip to the "ever after". It is not only the physical pain or even the fact that I am as good as useless. You have been struggling with managing both territories ever since that night. It is my mind Sisi that is broken by the physical disabilities. And you know that with our race once you reach that point it's the end. It is the reason for most of the old once deciding to take their own lives. It simply becomes to much." 

"But you are only a hundred and eleven Monder it is not fair. Most live a millennia before reaching that point." and know finally saying it out loud I couldn't hold the tears back anymore. I sad on the arm of the sofa and he took my hand in his squeezing tight. 

"I have tried very hard to delay this as much as I could because I don't want to live you either we have had only each other ever since I can remember. And I am afraid of facing the unknown without you ." At that point he pulled me in his arms and stroked my hair as I continued to cry. 

"And who knows maybe once I am gone Lauralile will have enough courage to finally start courting you." the way he grinned at me with the mouth that had once been so beautiful that it made most of the mates swoon and was now a twisted mangled parody of what it had been only made me cry stronger. 

" Stop crying sis your going to make me cry as well and that wouldn't be very manly now would it." That managed to bring a choked laugh from me. 

"Ha I have seen you cry more times then there are stars in the sky." And as easy as that he had managed to lift my spirits if only a little. It had been always like that with me and Mondergam we never fought as most brothers and sisters did especially when they are the same age. We always thought the same thing and had the same ideals. We were also very attuned with each others feelings. I always thought that it came from being twins and being on our own ever since we were born. Our mother died during the birthing and my father just couldn't face life without her. I guess it was more the sad truth that if we didn't care for each others feeling no one else would. 

"You are thinking of our parents again aren't you?" Mondergaum said and I wasn't even surprised that he had guessed. Somehow he always new when I was thinking of them. I had asked him once and he had told that it was my face. I would get a betrayed expression when I thought about them. And that was reasonable enough because I did feel betrayed by them and especially my father. After all Mondergam and I hadn't always been master of the territory named " black crow" and mistress of the territory called " The great hall". We came from a rogue family. My mother being a weaver of dreams and my father well who new what kind of a vampire he had been. We only new that our mother was a weaver of dreams because Mondergaum was one and that type of vampirism was only inherited from mother to child. 

"Remember when we first came to this land." I urged him. "The former master had just passed to the "ever after". The land was agitated and grieving and it rubbed on to the people. So many of the vampires went in to blood frenzies and the Earth Landers were even worse. Combine that with there natural mistrust of rouges that even the sane ones had. And tell me do you remember what it was for us?" I asked agitated. 

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