Hey Guys! I'm sorry this isn't the next chapter but I just needed to tell you that school is tomorow and I might not be able to upload as frequently. On the good side my schoolday ends at 2:30pm. So, after I do my homework i'll try to write some each night and then post by the end of the week. 

I wish I could write more often but I have  to go to school :) 

I'd like to thank everyone that is taking time out of their day to read this <3 Also to Madison my 1D sister for life, who plays Madison in the story.

Oh! I went to Busch Gardens yesterday with my friends and ohmygosh. My. Feet. Hurt. -_- No Joke! haha. We were there for 12 hours! :O but I went on so many rollarcoasters!!! :) I was scared but now i'm not and I want to go on one right now. Lemme see if I have one in my backyard... Just kidding :) 

Oh gosh, Imagination. :)

Thanks again guys for reading :) Love youu <3


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