How Did it Happen

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Jen! My name was being shouted from down stairs.  I'll be down in a minute, I screamed back.  Gosh my friend can be so impatient.  I had to look good for tonight.  We were going to have a girls night out and i was planning on trying to meet a few boys.  I walked down the steps where my best friend jill was waiting for me.  I read now i stated.  Finally! I thought you never would come down.  Sorry i said, i have to look good for the boys.  Shut up!, she replied.  We headed out for her car.

      We finally made it to a cute Italian restaurant.  We sat down at a table next to a group of cute boys.  I smiled at Jill and she gave me a whatever look.  While we were looking at the menu one of the boys turned around and taped me on the shoulder. I looked at him.  He was so stinken gorgeous.  His eyes were a soft green with a hind of blue.  His hair was blond and perfect.  Not to mention that he was into very Good shape.  Yes, I said.  Hey i was wondering if you could pick up my phone, i dropped it underneath your seat he said.  Oh sure i said back.  I picked it up and gave it back to him.  Thanks he replied.  Oh and you don't mind if you put your phone number in it do you? I was taken back.  Did he really just ask me that.  Uhh sure i said but you have to tell me whats your name is first.  Justin he replied.  Oh what i cute name i thought to myself.  

   I entered it in and gave in back to him. Thanks he said.  I smiled back and was speechless.

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