As i walk up towards Victoria Street towards the bus stop, Grazia tucked underneath my arm, i decided to call Bloomie. She's one of my primary school friends and always turns up for school as soon as it opens, god knows what for (Bloomie is not an arsehole, BTW)

"Sass, darling," Bloomie whispers. I don't think talking on the phone is really approved of what ever she's doing in school, "I thought we agreed last night that it was better you stopped toying with every gawj man you see?" Bloomie always manages to say "darling" at least four or five times a minute. It's not pretentious from her, for some reason. she grew up in Chicago, as her dad's American, but her parents moved to London when she was about 12, so her accent is a bit of a mongrel between East coast USA and posh London. She's been exactly the same since we met on the last year of Primary.

Bloomie is always immensely more self-assured, together and tougher than i am. and sometimes-and she knows this too- rather spiky. But she's utterly lovely and funny, of course. Why else would i be friends with her? we fit together very well. Together with Kate, who i'll tell you more about later, we've seen each other through about 19 boyfriends, 16 holidays together, probably over 250 coffee-and-shopping Saturday Afternoons, and truly countless hangovers, yet we still don't run out of things to talk about.

The bus stops just outside the school, and i get of the bus, and walk into Rick by accident,

"Oopsy Daisy." Rick says, "Listen, i need to talk to you about something later, can you come round mine later?" Rick asks.

"Erm, I didn't think you wanted to see me again, you know after last night." I said.

"Ohh. Don't worry about that, it was just a misunderstanding, right?" Said Rick.

"Right." I said uneasily. "Okay then, i will see you later, after school?" I asked.

"Yea, erm, do you want me to walk you to class?" Rick asked.

"Okay, we've got maths first," I say as Rick walks me past my friends, they all stare at Rick and gaze at me wondering what we are up to. I just smile and they give a jealous look.

As we entered the class room, Mr Malone smiled and said,

"Well, hello, you two. Glad to see your eager to learn maths, by turning up early!" Mr Malone joked.

"Well, i like to think so, i'm still new here, and i don't want to be late, now do i?" Rick said. I looked at Rick, and smiled.

"Thank you, Mr Malone." I said smiling at the teacher.

Bloomie and Kate come rushing through the door at me and dragging me to the other side of the room,

"So, whose that hot guy you were talking to, then?" Bloomie asked.

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