Chapter Four

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P.O.V: Ben Mannix

I remember reading from her memories, screaming at the top of her voice about how she didn't want to pretend to be normal. Of course, he wasn't normal either. I ached inside from knowing that because of me, Ryia will never get a choice on being normal ever again.

'I don't know Jack, clearly you don't like me the way I am,' I hear Ryia mumble downstairs.

When her phone conversation was over. I allowed my aura to flow through the home of my creation of whom I had the slightest most insignificant emotion draw towards, but of course I couldn't tell her that.

I heard foot-steps slowly pace up the stairs. Ryia was a medium sized girl who was curvy, her eyes were hazle that decided to change colour at times. Her black eye liner was running down her eyes but I ignored it. I hoped that she would do the same with me.

'Ben, what's wrong?' she asked, putting her arm around me.

Evil thoughts ran through my mind of what they said.

'You have one week with her,' They had told me only an hour before this time.

'It's over, it's all over,' I looked down and clung my hand to Ryia's leg.

'What is? What's wrong?' she seemed really worried about me.

'They're going to kill us,' I looked her dead in the eye and she looked like a deer in headlights only not quite so delectible.

'What?' she began to stutter, 'how are they? They know about me, don't they?!' She screamed at me.

'Someone saw us hunting,' I looked at my hand on her knee, 'they told my clan,'

Ryia stood up and began to pace.

'No, no. This can't be happening!' she pulled her hair.

'We have one week,' I groaned.

Next thing I heard was a large bang.

'Ryia? Ryia!' I shouted as my knees skidded to her side.

I picked the young girl up and ran to the hospital.

'My friend, she fainted. Her name is Ryia Brown, she's sixteen years old, she doesn't smoke, she just collaspe,' U tikd the receptionist, pleading almost.

'We'll  find her a bed,' she picked up the phone and spoke for a minuted.

A doctor soon appeared with a wheel-chair. I followed him to a bed and stook by Ryia until they asked me a wuestion that left me slightly stunned.

'Is there anybody you can think of who your friend may want to see?' the doctor asked.

'Jack, Jack Willis,' I paused for a second, 'her ex, but I know that he still really cares about her,' my words were full of resentment as I looked at my own sleeping beauty.

Jack appeared within a few hours.

'What happened? What's wrong with her?' his grey eyes were wide with fear and worry of never seeing those mystical eyes again.

I couldn't help but feel a surge of the green eyeed monster run through my veins as I growled too quiet for Jack to hear me.

'I was talking to her, she just... I think she was... she fell,' I stuttered, unsure of what to say/

'And who the hell are you?' he hissed.

'I'm Ben, I'm just a friend,' the first time I ever felt weak was because of some domestic animal?! I couldn't believe my head. Not even Ryia could make me feel this low, not that she tried but still.

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