So close yet so far

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A story about how a family copes with a investigation on the mysterious death of a close family member.

It was a rainy afternoon afterschool, my boyfriend jack and i were sitting on my couch watching a movie. I dont remember what it was, but we were laughing alot throughout the whole thing. We'd been dating for about 5 months, so my parents knew about us, they surprisingly took a liking to him, so he was aloud to stay over afterschool and for dinner. My older sister should have been home by now, her and jack got along, we all spent alot of time together . I just assumed that day she might have been at a friends house. Alex was never the type of girl who would have one really close 'best friend' but had tons of friends, we both did. i liked to think that alex and i were best friends, we were what our other friends werent. We told each other everything. Thats why it hurt so much when she was gone.

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