Tragic accident

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They both didn’t want to waste time being sad, so they caught up with everything. Charlotte told her mom what had been going on in school and her mom told her everything that had been going on in their home town. 

It was 2 hours later and her dad still hadn’t been back. “He’s probably talking to his slut” Charlotte thought, she snickered at that, but still she was so disgusted by his actions, not in a million years would she think her dad would do something so..soo..LOW as cheating. 

It had been a couple more hours and by then they started to get worried. Charlotte rang her dad’s phone a couple of times but no one answered. And then The doctor walked in. 

He had an expression on his face that she could never forget. “Doc what’s wrong?” Charlotte’s mom asked the Doctor “Your..husband” Charlotte started to looked panicked “What’s wrong with Michael?” The doctor looked at both Charlotte and her mother, “He died”. 

There was only silence in the room all that was heard, was her mom’s heart monitor going Beep Beep. 

Charlotte looked at the doctor and asked what had happen. The doctor told them he was coming back from the hotel when he got into a car accident. He lost a lot of blood and died on the way back. Charlotte didn’t know what to say or even do. She stood there in one place with tears streaming down her face then she remembered her mother, she looked at her mom to see her bawling out “NOOO PLEASE TELL ME THIS ISN’T TRUE..MY HUSBAND ISN’T DEAD” She thought after all that happened and her mom even leaving she could still say “My husband”. 

She grabbed her mom in her arms and they both cried for what seemed like centuries.

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