Kayley’s POV

                The guys left me.  My so-called best friends left me.  My life was going great, and I was even going to tell Kendall that I liked him this weekend.  That’s all changed because they got the chance to go to L.A. and become a boy band.  I lost my best friend and crush in just one little mistake he made, and now I’ll never be able to tell him how I feel about him.  This all started the day they were leaving.

A few days ago

                Me and James were having our weekly karaoke hang out sessions.

                “This will be so much more fun once my songs are put into karaoke version!” said James.

                “Yeah it will so I can make fun of you!” I said looking for my next song to sing.

                “Hey!” He throws a pillow at me.  I started laughing.

                “Anyways I’m already one step closer to that dream.” He said sitting down on my bed.

                “How so?” I said finding Mary’s song by Taylor Swift.

                “Me and the guys are going to L.A to become famous.” He looked at his fingernails.

                “What!” I jumped on top of him.  “How long have you guys known?”

                “A week.” He said nervously

                “Why haven’t you guys told me?  I’m your best friend!”               

                “I don’t know about the other guys, but this is the first time we have talked since last week!”  I got off him.

                “Get out.” I said quietly


                “Get out!” I said pointing to my door.


                “I just want to be alone.” I said dangerously low.  He left, and I felt bad for yelling at him.  He told me what the other guys didn’t and I yelled at him.  I’m such an idiot.  Okay I should call the other guys now.  I think I’ll call Carlos first.  I grabbed my phone and called him.

                “Hello hello hello!” said Carlos picking up.

                “Hey Carlos.” I said upset.

                “Hey Kayley what’s wrong?” He asked in a concerned voice.

                “It’s just something James told me.”

                “What did he tell you?  Did he break up with Jillian?” 

                “No at least I don’t think so.  He told me something that includes you, Logan, and Kendall.” Jillian is my other best friend.

                “Oh he told you about us going to L.A?” He said sadly

                “Yeah he did!  Why didn’t you tell me!  We went sledding this past weekend!” My anger coming out now

                “Me and Logan thought you should hear it from Kendall since you are closer to him.  I guess he didn’t have the courage to tell you.”

                “Kendall is one of the bravest people I know!  Why wouldn’t he tell me?”

                “I don’t know KQ.  Maybe you should ask him.”

                “Oh I’m planning on it, but Carlos remember I’m still mad at you and Logan.” With that I hung up and called Logan.  Our conversation was about the same as Carlos’s.  So after I called him, I walked over to Kendall’s house, which was next door.  I knocked and Katie opened the door.

                “Hey Kayley!  You looking for Kendall?” she asked

                “Yeah is he here?”

                “Yeah hold on.” She turned around.  “Kendall!  Kayley is here!”

                “Oh hey KQ!  What are you doing her?”  Kendall asked coming down the stairs.

                “We need to talk.” I said coming in

                “Okay hey Katie can you go to your room or something?”

                “Yeah I was going to my friend’s house anyways.” She left leaving me and Kendall alone in the house.

                “Let’s go sit down.” He said.  We walked to the living room and sat down on the couch.  “So what’s up?”

                “Why didn’t you tell me?” I said getting to the point.

                “What?” he asked confused, but I knew he knew what this was about.

                “Don’t act like you don’t know what I’m talking about!” I started yelling.

                “About moving to L.A?” he asked still calm, which was surprising knowing him.

                “Well yeah duh!  Why didn’t you tell me?”

                “I didn’t have the courage.”

                “Don’t give me that crap Kendall.  You are one of the bravest people I know!” I stood up.

                “Okay you want to know why!” He stood up too now really angry.  “I didn’t want you to be hurt when I told you!  We have been best friends since we were one, and I thought telling you would make our last week together, before I moved, bad!  I was going to come over and tell you before you came here first!  Then I was going to ask you to go to our favorite restraint for my last night here!”

                “You still could have told me!  I would’ve made your last week special!”

                “Ugh I don’t want to talk about this anymore!” He started walking away back to his room.

                “Kendall Donald Knight this conversation is not over!” I ran toward him

                “Yes it is KQ.  I have nothing else to say.”

                “Kendall!” He slapped/scraped me one the cheek.  Tears came into my eyes not just from the pain but also from getting hit by one of my best friends.  “Kayley oh my gosh I’m so sorry!”  He stepped towards me and I took a step back.  “Kayley?”  He reached out to touch me.

                “Leave me alone Kendall!  I never want to see you again!”  I ran back to my house and cried myself to sleep.  I woke up the next morning feeling empty.  James, Logan, and Carlos came back over to say goodbye.  Logan brought me flowers and Carlos brought me a half-full box of chocolates as a way of saying sorry.  Kendall didn’t come, and I didn’t care.  I didn’t want to see him anyways.  To this day I have three scratch scars on my cheek from where he hit me.

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