Running Toward Justice. (Part 2) By: Maleenah Ortiz

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I knew where he was hiding so i turned around closer than i thought he grabbed me and held my mouth tight. "listen to me" he smelled of dead people kindof like a grave yard and rotten eggs."follow these directions ok" in my mind i was like i could answer if your filthy hands werent over my mouth but they were so i just nodded" If you go in your back yard what you need to do is go past the trees and travel deep in the forest and there youll find an abandoned ragady looking tree house go there and wait for the wolfs to howl and then come in got it!" he finally let go and i had no choice but to answer."yeah" i said in a sigh. And just like that he was gone"but!...........when?"i yelled but he was just gone i went over to Giannas motionless body and called the ambulance and in moments they were here they rushed to her while i stayed by her side i wasent leaving without a fight this time. they took her to the nearest hospital while i was forced to stay in the waiting room. I wanted to just give up and ball my eyes out no one was here for us anymore were getting hunted down bye a somehow familier sycho path who wants some money. I just dont know what to do anymore.the doctor came out and told me how she was doing "Jade? its Jade right?" "Yeah." "Your sister was only unconcious i guess whatever happened someone might of pressed on her neck a little to hard maybe by accident?" "Yeah by accident" i mumbled "What did you say?" "Nothing important." " Ok well would you like her to stay over night?" NO!" " Ill take her home now!" "Alright,alright let me go get her ill be right back" waiting anxiously turning in circles i finally see her not hurt no cuts or bruises but her face and emotions were hurt though.Silently i went to her and the doctor told me that she was mentaly shocked so she might not react to you as normal so i wasent completly suprised but she couldent even hug me back fully.When we got out of the car and paid the driver i put Gianna to sleep in my bed in fear he might show up again i held her tight until she fell into a deep sleep."Good-night Gianna" i whispered and tucked her in.Closing the door quietly i dashed down stairs and started feaverishly reading the newspaper and there he was but he had no picture or straight address but he was suppositly called "The Bullet?" wow i thought thats a stupid name but maybe thats why when i ordered or at least tryed ordering pizza he said "a side of bullets?" but why me out of all people in the world me i never thought something this serious would happen to my used to be family i always hear about it but never thought i would be in the situation. I began to think deeply about this "Mr.Bullet". character and started to think about how on earth this person looked familiar it seemed impossible but i dont now most of my family on my dads side i just met them never really got to know them but to many thoughts at once. I put the newspaper down on the stand on the side of the sofa and went up stairs. As i walked in the room little and fragile Giannas body lay there sound asleep. I was about to climb in bed when i felt somthing hard under the pillow my hand was on and it was a picture frame with mom and dads picture in it. As i looked at the photo i started to quiver and tears started to slowly roll down my cheeks."why?............did you guys just have to leave me like this?" after saying these words i put the photo down on the table on the side of the bed and slowly felt myself drift away into a deep sleep. Chapter Seven. When i woke up Gianna wasent next to me. I quickly went down stairs to check and she was sitting down in the kitchen table. And it looked like she was waiting for me." Jade i made breakfast for you because you saved me from that mean man yesterday!" on the table she had toast with jelly, two bowls of ceral, and orange juice."impresive!..........for a three year old this is pretty good!" i looked at her with a joyful look and sat down with her at the table we ate the ceral when the doorbell rang. I cautiously opened the door. " Really? are you personally trying to screw me?" it was the idiotic jock of my school who was supposed to bring me my breakfast. "Thanks,i didnt know that you were my new made!" i said sarcasticly "listen, i know were not the best of friends but you can at least be some-what mature about my job delivering you breakfast." " Sorry delivery boy but this dicussion is now over." i quickly slammed the door and through the breakfast in the trash. " What happened jade?" "Nothing important.". i through myself on the couch and turned the tv on.And of course the news was on my mom never changed the channel ever the way she would change it is if my dad wanted to watch something else,other then that didnt even touch the remote. On the screen was The Bullet strikes again! "OMG! the bullet strikes again!!!" scard out of my brain i quickly grabbed the remote and turned the volume up." " Bullet has struck again and not only on parents but now on younger children. His victim was found late last night on houdson avenue is this killer going to strike again?" in my head i was thinking is he mad because i didnt come to that treehouse yesterday? well,whatever hes planning on doing at this abandoned treehouse ill just have to be ready for it. I ran upstairs and into my closet and found my old bookbag from my freshman year i grabbed it and took it downstairs i started packing i put canned fruit and vegtibles and lots of beeferoni. Then i went to the loundry room and put some fresh blankets inside."Jade were we going?" "I have some buisness to take care of,ok?" "Yeah, but whats for dinner?" "Fruit" "Jade your silly we cant have fruit for dinner" she smiled "Well i guess your not eating then?" " Well im going to be hungry!" "ok ok, come down you can have some beeferoni!" " Thats more like it!" i went to the basement and grabbed a box of some of my dads old stuff i found a football,a baseball mit,some old trophies,and a pocket knife. "No offense dad but dude did you do anything in your life time?" i sighed with a shrug and went back upstairs. Taking the pocket knife with me, i went to Gianna and put her favorite sfuffed animals in the bag the one my mom and dad gave her when she was a baby. I grabbed the spare key and hid it under the "Welcome mat" and took my key in my pocket. i went outside and locked the door. I quickly made a phone call to Giannas baby sitter." Hello?" " Hi!" she sounded exited " Could you do me a favor?" " What kind of favor?" " Oh i dont know a watching my sister favor" i said sarcasticly " Why let me guess, you got a date!?!" " Sortof, just can you just do me this one little tiny favor? please please!?" " Fine but you owe me" "whatever,thanks!" " Bye!" "Bye!" i went back inside to grab my car keys " Come on Gianna its not time to play!" " Coming!" she came running down stairs with some of her other toys " Were we goin?" " You are going with Brook your babysitter!" " Awesome!" " Were are you going?" " To take care of some buisness" " You always say that!" " Because.....i do,and thats all you need to know come on you got your stuff?" " Yeah, you got yours?" "Dont play the spy game with me but yes i do." after i buckled her in the seat and shut the door. I double checked the "Welcome mat" to make sure the key were still there. i climbed in the car and and put the keys in and pressed calmly on the gas and headed to Giannas babysitters house and soon after i dropped her off i was to walk to my destination. Chapter Eight. Walking to the treehouse in this creepy woods slash forest wasent at all comforting the birds sounded a blow horn and every noise starttled me especilly the crunching of the leaves under my feet i acually got used to the harsh crunching that when there was no more leaves to be crunched that was when i really felt alone no one was hear with me only the thoughts of what Gianna would be saying to me right now drifted through my head. " Jade? what are you doing your crazy!" " Why would you even listen to him hes pycho!" and she was right killing my parents for money we apparently have and leaving me and my three year old sister felling scard of everything and everyone. Every turn i made and every were i looked something was watching my every move.crolling the speed i was walking felt like i was the star on new years in times square exept everyone was so shocked that the didnt even speek or breath. Fear pricked up my back like that one summer when i was laying in the grass all peaceful until i felt a spider crawling up my spine. Exept here there was no peace it was all dark and the flash light didnt help either i felt like i was the ghost hunter on those paranormal shows Gianna watches them even though she claimes that she hates it.

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