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It’s now been a couple of hours. Charlotte and her parents are still in the hospital room, They sat in silence. 

Char wanted to have a talk with her mom, just not with her dad around and she finally got that chance when her dad went to his hotel room to get freshened up. Charlotte and her mom sat in silence before she broke it “I’m sorry mom I re..” Her mom caught her off by grabbing her into a hug “Its okay hun, we should have told you, I’m so glad you’re here, I was missing you a lot”. “I was missing you a lot to mom” responded Charlotte, they both had each other in their arms. Charlotte missed her mom’s hugs. How sweet and soft it was to be embraced by her and she was happy she finally got that. 5 Minutes passed and Char pulled away, she really wanted to talk to her mom before her dad came back. Charlotte looked into her mom’s eyes nervous not knowing how to start this awkward conversation they would have.

Her mom saw the worry and confusion on her face “Char, tell me what’s on your mind” Charlotte looked at her mom and cracked a little smile, she loved how her mom could tell what was wrong just by looking at her facial expression, “Well mom, I don’t know how to say this but…I was going through some things in your room and I found…” Her mom cut her off by saying “The note” Charlotte looked at her mom and said “Yes” They both looked at each other not knowing what to say. 

In the back of Char’s Mind she was kind of relieved her mom finished her sentence it made it easier, but there was still awkward tension in the room. After a while Char broke the silence, “Look mom I didn’t mean to go through your things but I saw the ring and then the note and I got curious” she looked down, Charlotte looked at her mom waiting for a response, her mom finally spoke up “I’m sorry you had to find out that way” her mom said.

It was sad She’s been away from home so long not knowing what was happening, she saw the sadness on her mom’s face the depression, the sorrow, all because of what her dad had done, she wished, just wished she would have been there. 

Charlotte took her moms hands and asked “How long?” Her mom looked at her and responded “a couple of months after you went off to school”. At that point Char was so confused, why would her dad do such a thing. 

She looked down at her moms hands “Why did he?” Char asked her mom desperate for an answer but knowing deep down inside there was no possible reason for him to do such a sick thing. “I don’t know, we started to argue a lot and I guess he got tired of me” her mom said, by then tears started to fall from her eyes. 

Charlotte felt even more guilt she didn’t want to put all this stress on her mom first she brought up the brother thing and now this, but she needed to know Charlotte didn’t want to keep this in and she had to know, everything. 

It was silent for some minutes, neither Charlotte nor her mom knew what to say next. 

Then Her mom said something, something Charlotte thought she would never hear her mom say “I’m to blame for all of this”. Char looked up at her mom speechless not knowing what to say, how could her mom blame herself for her dad cheating, if it was anyone’s fault it was his. He just didn’t know how to keep his toy in his pants. Once again Charlotte cringed in disgust. “Mom how could you say that? How could you blame yourself for what he did?” she said to her mom “Look, Maybe I wasn’t that good of a wife, maybe if I did what I was suppose to do he wouldn’t have gone out to look for an other woman” 

All this coming from Her mom she didn’t understand how her mom could say all of this, Her mom was always a strong woman and would never say something like this, but at this point Charlotte expected anything to happen. 

Rage built up in Char “Well if he knew how to control his dick then this wouldn’t have happened.” Char’s mom looked at her in disbelief, she hadn’t talked like this before, especially not to her mom. 

“CHAR, What did you just say?” Char look at her mom “You heard what I said mom”. They both looked at each other. Then her mom started to laugh. Char didn’t understand why she was laughing but later joined in, her mom’s laugh was just so contagious, so vibrant even though all of this was happening her laugh was still radiant as always. They laughed for 20 minutes straight. Char thought it felt good to laugh especially with her mom, that’s one thing she loved about her mom something would go wrong and she would just start laughing for no possible reason but you just couldn’t help but join in and at the end of everything you would just forget about your problems and worries, her mom was one of a kind someone you just couldn’t imagine not having in your life.

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