No More Lonely Nights - Chapter Eighteen

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31 October 1962.

Liverpool, England.

PAUL: Today really isn’t the best day for me. I know most people just think about today being Halloween, but for me, it’s more than just a holiday. Today is the six-year anniversary of my mother’s death.

I had always hoped that the pain would fade as the years passed, but I suppose the loss of a loved one never quite ceases to hurt. I wished my mother could see me now, in the band with us rising in popularity across the country… and especially me with Allie. I think my mother would have loved Allie, I really do. She is the type of girl I know that Mum envisioned for me, and I just wish she was here to see how happy I am when I am with my sweetheart. But no, the cancer had to steal my mother’s life, leaving me and my brother without her guidance at too young of an age. I always wondered why things like that had to happen in life. I knew everything had to happen for a reason, but it was the reasoning behind tragedies like deaths that I could not comprehend. Maybe I wasn’t supposed to know why, much as I wish I did.

I was trying to write some new material, as John had told me that he really wanted us to record an album sometime after the Christmas holidays and after Please Please Me had its run as our second single. I found it hard to concentrate while listening to one of my records, and I stood to turn off the player. I had the soundtrack album to West Side Story playing (I’m not entirely sure why, most likely because I do enjoy the musical and I’m trying to get some ideas for a song with a bit more drama in it). The track playing now was “Somewhere,” a piece I had always particularly liked, so I decided to let that song run through before I turned the player off to concentrate.

“Somewhere there’s a place for us…” I looked up as that line was sung, and at that moment, I had an epiphany. I put my pen back to my paper and began to write furiously, the words flowing almost non-stop.

Creative fits of inspiration were amazing.

ALLIE: Paul called me and asked me to come by and take a look at a new piece he wrote this afternoon in, as he said rather excitedly, “a fit of creative inspiration!” I obliged, of course, and decided to walk to his apartment. It was a lovely autumn day, a rather beautiful Halloween, really. A few people were out as I walked through town to his apartment, making last-minute stops for candy and costumes in preparation for trick-or-treating this evening. I rather missed the days of being young and dressing up, going from house to house on the bases we had once called home, gathering up a pillowcase full of candy to be enjoyed over the next month or so. I wouldn’t trade being older now for anything, though, now that I was with the most amazing person on the face of the earth.

I knocked on his apartment door and waited for the sound of his footsteps. Paul opened the door a moment later. “There you are, thank you for coming over here.” He embraced me and kissed my cheek. “I just wanted to show you this little piece I came up with earlier. Lyrics, I will get John’s advice on the music.”

I sat down on the couch next to him and he handed me a sheet of paper. I read over the lines he had jotted down-

There is a place

Where I can go

When I feel low,

When I feel blue,

And it’s my mind,

And there’s no time when I’m alone.

I think of you,

And things you do

Go ‘round my head.

The things you said,

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