Chapter 2

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Talking to Drew really just put me in a better mood for that entire day. After everyone got settled onto the plane, all of the announcements were made, and I was officially cut off from the rest of the world, we really managed to connect. I even stopped watching TV just so we could have an actual conversation.

            “So what’s it like moving between parents so much?” I asked him.

            “It gets pretty annoying, I have to admit,” he replied. “Seriously, you don’t know how irritating security gets after the fiftieth time or so.”

            “I’m sure it must be quite the experience,” I said. Drew picked up his iPhone and started a game of Bejeweled as I put on some One Direction.

            “Like you wouldn’t believe,” he sighed. “I can’t wait to graduate and be done with all of the back and forth for a while. I just wish they’d let me choose when I get sent off, I hate that I’m always forced.”

            “Oh my God I hate when my parents make me go and do stuff that I really don’t want to do,” I complained.

            “Definitely,” he said. “I hate being forced into things.”

            “Well we have that in common,” I agreed.

            Drew raised his eyebrows and said, “Ah so you were forced to come, I’m one step closer to discovering your sentence.”

            I rolled my eyes and pulled my bangs out of my face. “Not likely,” I told him.

            “Aw come on, we’re friends now, friends tell each other secrets,” he said. “What’d you do, blow up a building?” A few curious people looked at Drew in fear at the mention of explosives on an airplane. Instinctively, I slapped him on the arm with as much force as I could.

            “No! Are you crazy?” I shouted. I then lowered my voice and whispered harshly, “What do you think you’re doing? We’re on an airplane!”

            “Oh whoops,” he chuckled innocently.

            “This is serious! We could get arrested!” I scolded him. I was certainly not willing to piss off my parents any further for getting arrested over a terrorist scare on an airplane.

            “We don’t have any explosives, no one’s going to arrest us,” he shrugged.

            “You don’t need to have explosives for them to detain you, they’ll arrest you anyways and then how do you expect anyone to believe us?” I scolded him further. “God you’re so stupid!”

            “Calm down, geez from the way you’re reacting I’d think a little thing like you has actually gotten arrested before,” he said smugly, obviously trying to make a joke. I should have denied it, I really should have but my face gave it away immediately. “Wow, you got arrested?” he asked in shock, “what for?”

            “Possession of illegal substances, totally not mine by the way,” I sighed, shooting a mental warning not to go into further detail.

            “That’s got to have sucked,” Drew said in awe. “Your parents must have been pissed.”

            “Pissed would be an understatement,” I said.

            “Were they mad enough to say, ship you off to Florida for the summer?” he asked.

            “I’d rather not talk about it,” I told him. I myself still couldn’t belief that Julia had condemned me to this. She wasn’t even sorry for it either, I could tell. I mean it was her stuff, the least she could have done was own up to having it. My parents were far stricter than hers and if she were the one to get arrested she would have maybe gotten grounded for a week, maybe.

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