Chapter 7

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Paramore: Monster. <~~ Loving it.

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Chapter 7 Everyone...


"Scarlet?" a voice whispered.

I shook my head slowly and opened my eyes. I began to scream. 

Don't ask why. But I do it as a reflex when a person's face is 5 inches away or closer to mine, when I wake up from something. Or open my eyes.

"The Fuck!" I yell, jumping from what I was sitting or laying on.

"Scarlet... That was my ear...." Ginger whines, rubbing her left ear.

I gave her my best apologetic smile. "Sorry? You know about my reflex! Don't get so close to my face... And my head fucking hurts!!" I tell her, rubbing my temples.

She sighs and sits on her computer chair. "So. You and Devin?" she asks, smirking at me.

"What? Wait...." I raise my eyebrows at her.

"I'm starting to have feelings for you too....."

"I'm starting to have feelings for you too....."

"I'm starting to have feelings for you too....."....

"HOLY FUCK!" I yell, then jump from the floor towards Ginger.

"What!? What?!" she questions, as I shake her.

"I-..I Remember him saying... He's falling for me too..." I whisper, running a hand through my hair.

"You were drunk. He told me that you wanted to have sex with him," she says, raising both her eyebrows, in amusement.

I face palmed myself. "... Why?...." 

Ginger laughs and sits me besides her. "He told me you guys kissed," she smiles.

Kiss... Kiss.. Hmmmm. I don't remem----- OH! We kissed... I kissed him...

I felt my cheeks heat up. "Mmmmyeaa...." I whisper, biting the inside of my lip.

"How did you meet Devin?" 


"...So..You know nothing about him?...."

"I know...things..."

"Did you know he's a father of 3?"

My eyes widen. "What?.. I mean..Yes?" I stutter.

She laughs and hugs me. " I'm just kidding. But your face expression... Hilarious!" 

I hit her shoulder and bit her ear. "Hmph." I say, folding my arms, and looking away.

"I love you," 

" I hate you,"

She chuckles and gets up. "You love me and you know it. Sister!" she yells, walking in front of me.

I let my arms drop and hug her. "Fuck yea I do," I whisper, smiling.

"Now. Go, brush your teeth. Your breath stinks," she comments.

I growl at her and walk towards her bathroom. I grabbed the extra tooth brush that was in the pack and put Colgate on it. I begin brushing my teeth.

 "And by the way!" Ginger yells for outside her in suited bathroom. "Devin's here!"


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