Chapter 25 - Gang Issues

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Urged steps echoed through the giant warehouse, the dim lights replaced by some strong lights in sudden starling Isabella's vision. She could feel the steady warm hand holding her arm into place, to follow his and his bodyguard steps as soon as they got out of the car, and avoid her mind to get lost in the rather empty place, except from the boxes on the sides, and the windows and scarily the conditioner air working.

"We are not here for sight seeing, Isabella! We're working and remember you asked for this." She frowned feeling kinda annoyed with herself and her mouth for not shutting up during the small argument she created a few hours ago. Now here she was, probably about to get killed, since Daniel came with his whole security (at least she thought that for the number of men she saw outside doing the patrol of this unknown place) so that wasn't a good thing.

"Gun, Valtteri!" Daniel requested being handed a small gun, his eyes glistening as ever when Isabella's eyes followed his strong huge hands compared to hers comfortably holding the object.

"For how long he has been sleeping?" Mr. Hamilton asks to one of the security by his side, Isabella glancing everywhere confused at what was happening. Daniel had already gone closer to the guy on the middle of the room tied around the chair, a few cuts and bruises in his face and arms, near them she spotted Mr. Raikkonen, Mr. Hamilton and two other guys she hadn't meet. Yet

"an hour or so, Master. He tried to escape twice, that's why he has those nice reminders on his body now." both Hamilton and Raikkonen nod in approval, while Daniel was scanning the rather younger body sitting on the middle of the room, the gun on his hand traveling all over the guy's face.

" Daniel, calmati! "one of the guys spoke up with a beaming smile, he had gorgeous eyes, and a killer handsome smile, dressed in an expensive tuxedo.

" No one betrays Cosa Nostra and stays alive, Giovinazzi, we both knew that since day one.." Daniel replies still serious, as Isabella glances at the man who just spoke to Daniel. That was Giovinazzi, the one Minttu told her about and Damn he was hot. Why the mafia had so many good looking man. " Even if the person is my own friend and recruit." he kneels down by his side pointing his gun at Isabella." You're gonna chose where I'll shot him first."

Isabella shook her head frantically wrapping one of her arms protectively around her body. A few lines taking over her forehead as she clearly denied the idea of helping to kill someone. She didn't even knew what she was doing there to start it all.

"Why did you fucking came then? Why did you ask to come?" He raised his voice a bit louder pacing to her. It seemed like seeing that boy definitely didn't made Daniel happier, specially if he was his recruit that meant he was trained by Dan himself. And now he was there, tied around the chair, not awaken. About to die. Probably

"No shouting at Ladies Daniel." Lewis simple says typing something on his phone.

"Mind with your fucking business boss! This is mine and my-" he took a deep sigh. "Mine and Isabella's business."

"And you watch that mouth Dan, I'm still your boss, you know I can always kill you whenever I want." Lewis slows him down, still calm not even bothered to look up while warning. "You listen to me when I warn you." He continues with a sigh, still not bothered about Daniel. They seemed used to that.

"Please calm down." Isabella pleads daring to touch him her hands shaky. "I'm sorry I was dumb I just... -" she bites her lower lip to hold the weird tears about to come.

"You know you'll have to deal with this situation by yourself, right? Verstappen was your recruit anyway." The blond tall guy randomly says looking at the man sitting on the chair in the middle. That had to be Verstappen.

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