Harry's Point of View:

Okay so I am completely and obviously jealous of the bonding that Zayn and Alex were having right now. I mean when Louis and I walked into Zayn's room and found them like having a moment or whatever..I tried my best not to flip out and yell at Zayn to back off of my woman. I mean I know she is not mine and no one can ever 'own' anyone but..oh gosh I just really like her and I need to finally get sometime with her so I can make my move. 

We finally got back to the house after going for icecream when we all noticed that Zayn and Alex were gone. I was about to freak out when Niall said that Zayn just texted him that he and Alex went for a walk. 

Damn>.< This is not good at all. Icecream. Under the night sky. Stars. A walk. They are defenitly going to end up together or something>.< Wait snap out of it Harry. Okay just breath. All I need to do is spent alone time with Alex and then I can get my chance with her. 

But at the rate that i'm going who knows when that will happen. I mean her and Niall seemed to be pretty chummy already and that was on the same day we met her! Then there's Zayn..Alex and Zayn seem to have like really hit if off or something..I mean dont get me wrong. Zayn and Niall are my mates but there was no way I was going to give up. I really liked Alex and I know it's crazy after only 2 days of knowing her but..It's like as soon as she steps into a room..it gets so much brighter..I really need to think of something awesome to show her how much I like her or at least put up a good effort to try and spend alone time with her that way we can get to know each other...

Niall's point of view:

As soon as I read Zayn's text, a unknown feeling which I never felt before consumed my whole entire body. Jealousy? Why on earth would I be jealous of Zayn and Alex hanging out? I mean I only have know her for 2 days but it seems as if we really hit it off. I mean we share a love for FOOD.! 

Okay it was quite obvious that I have a major crush on Alex. Call me crazy but I dont know how but..She managed to steal my heart with only one look..

That has never happened to me before.

With only 2 days getting to know her, I have learned she is really quite increadible. I know that for sure Zayn might have a crush on her and maybe even Harry..Even though I probably did not have a chance against them, I knew I shouldn't count myself out. After all I am just as good as them, and no offence to my mates but Harry and Zayn seem more like the player type where as I am a loyal boyfriend material. 

I mean Harry and Zayn can act romantic you can say but I really dont know what I would do if they got with Alex and hurt her. I would probably end up hurting them and then who knows what would happen to our friendship..

All I knew is that Alex and I shared a spark or some sort of connection. There was no denying that. Even from the moment we met. 

I had to figure out a way to make her like me or at least spend more time with her. Hmm..Maybe I could get some help from Liam or Louis..But then again Louis would most likely help Harry and Liam wouldn't dare choose sides so..Looks like I am on my own..

I had to spend some alone time with her so we could at least get to know each other better. Maybe, just maybe, if we spent some more time together..she would end up falling for me. C: 

Zayn's point of view:

Wow. Alex is absoutley amazing. Without a doubt. I think I really really like her. 

While we were on the way back to the house from the icecream shop, I asked her if I could show her a place real quick which she agreed too. I smiled and grabbed her hand as I lead her to my special place which is where I like to go just to catch a breath or to just think. 

I texted Niall that Alex and I were going for a walk that way no one would freak out and think we got kidnapped or something. 

We were almost to the spot so I covered her eyes and lead her. She was so adorable, she kept on trying to guess where I was taking her or whatever but she did however try and refuse to close her eyes and let me guide her. 

Alex: are you crazy? There is no way I am letting you guide me in a place that I dont know.

I chuckled a little. "Just Trust me."

She looked at me with a questionable look at first but eventually her face turned warm and she smiled lightly.

Alex: How do I know I can?

I smirked. "Well..Looks like you are just going to have to trust me on this one..And dont worry..I wont let you fall."

She smiled and finally gave in. As I covered her eyes and lead the way, this weird feeling overcame me. 

My stomach felt like it was in knots or something. My stomach felt like it was being tickled or something. Almost like..like..


I smiled to myself since this was the first time in a long time that I have gotten butterflies over a girl. I mean could this be something more.? My thoughts were interupted once I realized we were here. I smiled and told her she could open her eyes now..

Alex's Point of View: 

When Zayn told me that I would just have to trust him on this one and that he wouldn't let me fall..Idk something came over me. Normally I would have refused but for some strange reason..I let me guide me as I walked blindly to where ever we were going.

He used one hand to cover my eyes and the other, he put around my waste as he guided me slowly to where we were going. As soon as his hands touched my hands, it was like an electric spark was sent all through out my body. I smiled to myself since I didn't want him to see me blushing and smiling. Luckly I managed to throw him off by trying to guess where he was taking me.

After a little while longer, he told me I could finally open my eyes. I smiled as I slowly opened my eyes and noticed we were at the top of a hill under a giant tree that provided shade. I smiled widely as I saw the beautiful view of London we had from this hill top. I immediantly took out my camera and took a bunch of pictures then I turned to Zayn and took one of him and tweeted:

'Hanging out with @zaynmalik. He's really cool.<3'

I almost immediantly knew that people would hate on me for sure but I really didnt care. Zayn smiled as he took out his phone and took a picture of me and tweeted:

'Hanging out with my new good friend @Attack_Alex. She is amazing.<3'

I smiled as we took a bunch of pictures together and just sat there enjoying the view. I smiled when Zayn told me that this was his special spot to just come and get away from all the fame and what not and how he would come here to just think. I expecially smiled when he said he never brings anyone with him and that I was the first person he has ever brought. 

"Aww..I'm honored."

He laughed as I turned and noticed he carved his name in the tree. He smiled and started carving my name in the tree too as he put the date today. I laughed as he said I was now apart of the 'thinking' place club. 

We were both laughing when I got up to stretch and Zayn's face instantly fell and lost all color. I looked at him confused until I finally realized he must have saw my scars on my arm. I tried covering it up until he jumped up and pulled up the sleeve on his jacket and examined my cuts. 

His eyes were full of hurt and confusion as he asked me who did this to me. I just bit my bottom lip not knowing what to say or if I even wanted to explain this to him. I mean after all we have only known each other for 2 days and I dont think I was ready to willinly tell him who and how I got these scars...

Zayn:  Who did this to you????

Zayn was still examing my arm as I finally gently pulled away and sat down on the grass. He sat down next to me waiting for me to start explaing.

Oh boy this was one conversation I did not want to have but it was better to get if over with now then later on..

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