"Harry! Get up before you're late to school!"  

Sarah came in my room punching me in the arm trying to get me up. I groaned and turned over and ignored her.   

"Harry really. We're almost late to school everyday. I can't be late."   

I drove to school and since Sarah goes to the same school as me I take her too. I don't mind at all. She's a year younger than me, a junior this year.   

"Just 5 more minutes." I smirked at her.  She grabbed one of the pillows from my bed and whacked me in the head.   

"Oh you asked for it!" I hopped up and tackled her on the floor.   

She pulled my hair, "ah! Watch the curls!" I said as i pulled her hand away. 

She giggled and reached for the pillow and started to hit me in the face with it.   

I pushed her off and jumped on top of her again. I stumbled and fell on top of her. Our faces were only inches apart. I could feel her breath on my lips.  

Oh how I wanted to kiss her. So bad. I'm not gonna deny the feelings I have for her. But it's just weird. She's my step sister. It's okay to feel like this for her right? No. No it's not Harry. It's like I don't look at any other girls or flirt with them because I feel like its doing wrong to Sarah. But we're not even together. That would be wrong. And I'm sure she doesn't feel the same about me.   

I completely got lost in my thoughts and I realized that Sarah started to lean in.   

She was definitely not going to kiss me, why would she though?    We were so close until my mom came in there trying to wake me up, "Harry ge---- oh.. Well sorry if I interrupted something."  

"No you didn't interrupt anything. I was trying to get him up and I hit him with the pillow then he tackled me." Sarah explained.   

Yeah.... You didnt interrupt anything. Not like I was inches.. No not inches..... Centimeters.. Away from kissing her. And it wasn't even me making the move. It was her.   

I brushed it all off and went into the bathroom to get ready.


The car ride to school was pure awkward silence. I couldn't stand it any longer and I asked a question that was probably just as awkward as the silence.   

"So.... Were you trying to kiss me or what?" I smirked at her, showing I was kidding but serious at the same time.   

"What are you talking about?" her eyes were locked on the road. She didn't even budge.    "You know exactly what I'm talking about." 

"No I don't." Her eyes still locked on the road.   

"Okay well then what was that?" I was dead serious now. How do you almost kiss someone, much less your stepbrother... Then deny it? Obviously you tried to kiss me.   

"I really don't know what you're talking about." she looked at me this time. She had a serious look on her face.   

Okay what if she wasn't trying to kiss me? I'm going crazy. I don't know what to think. Either she was and she just won't admit it or she really wasn't.   

The rest of the ride was quiet. 

When we got to the school, I opened the door for her and carried her bags for her, and I walked her to her class as usual, apologizing for what happened in the car. Just as she walked away, I grabbed her arm and whispered in her ear, "but you should have."   

I think she understood because she gave me a quick smile and walked into her classroom. Her curls bouncing as she walked.   

I was in awe of how cute her butt was. She had the cutest figure ever.   

Harry stop looking at her butt and go to class.   

I awkwardly adjusted my backpack as I noticed a guy in her class give me a stank look.   

I walked off hurrying to my class. I kept replaying this morning in my head. Sarah was so amazing. Why did she have to be my sister?   

And that guy that gave me the look. I think that's the guy she likes. But I could be wrong. I remember her showing me some guy she liked a lot. And it hurts. So bad. To know she likes someone else. And not me.  

I'll just have to be better.   

Authors Note: Sorry it was short! The first few chapters are short. But they'll get longer :)  Please let me know what you think!! mention me on twitter and tell me @WM1Dbeautiful_ and follow me :)  

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