Painful truth

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Next morning Charlotte saw herself in a plain way to Japan, she really needed to know everything, just everything.

2 hours after the plain landed she was already in the hospital, her mom looked really injured. 

When she came into the room and saw both her parents there she wanted to hug them but then remembered what Michael did.

She walked by him to her mom’s bed and greeted her with a kiss on the cheek, then she said she had to ask them something really important, and Michael said no, she could ask tomorrow.

In the hotel she was thinking about the right way to ask them, she went next day to the hospital her father was already there.

They told her to ask what she wanted the day before and they told her to ask what she wanted the day before and she didn’t know how to ask this because she didn’t want them to think she was going around looking for things in their bedroom, there was an awkward silence in the room, then her dad spoke up “c’mon sweetheart tell us what you wanted to ask” the word sweet heart played around in her mind she thought that must be what he called his other woman, she cringed in disgust, her mom snapped her back into reality “Hun tell us” she looked at both her parents not knowing how to ask this so she just came out with it “do I have a brother” both parents looked at Charlotte in disbelief, they didn’t know how to respond to her question. 

She looked at both her parents anxiously waiting for an answer, then her mom said “what are you talking about?” She looked at her mom, she wanted her to answer instead of her dad because she knew her mom wouldn’t lie to her “Char sit down please” She sat on the edge of the bed waiting for her mom to continue, “Yes you had a little brother, at the time you went away to school and I got pregnant” her mom said, Charlotte didn’t know what to say other than “why didn’t you tell me? so where is he?” she looked at her dad “He’s dead” she froze in disbelief.

“H..e..he…he died” her mom answered this time “I went into labor 3 months earlier than my due date, he just wasn’t healthy enough and he died”. There was a silence in the room, both her parents with their eyes on her. 

As she looked at her mom, she saw a tear trickle down her face, guilt flowed her body. She started to feel guilty for bringing up something so painful that happened years ago. She crawled close to her mother, held her waist while laying next to her and they both cried while her dad sat there rubbing her moms arms. She took a glance at her dad and thought how could he cheat on her mom? what did she do to him? did she not give him enough? Charlotte just didn’t understand and she would confront him about it, but first she had to talk to her mom when he wasn’t around.

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