I awoke to the sound of Carly Rae Jepsen telling me to "call her maybe". Wow this song is way overplayed... My phone is on the dresser a couple steps away from my bed. I looked at the clock on the side of my bed, 7:24 am. I only know three people that would think to call me that early on a Saturday during the school year. It's either Natalie (my best friend), Tyler (my boyfriend) or Harry, but he never wakes up early unless its really important. Sighing, I walk the few steps and snatch my phone off the dresser. I look to the caller ID, and somewhat surprisingly, I see Harry's name pop up, I smile at the picture of us both making duck lips as I answer. Before I can even say anything Harry starts to speak excitedly. "Ash I know, I know, I'm not supposed to call you at ungodly hours and stuff but this is important. You need to come over nooooow."

"It better be important, Hazza..." I mumble and hang up. I start rummaging through my drawers for something to wear. Grabbing a pair of black high wasted shorts and a pastel pink cami tanktop I walk into my bathroom. After getting dressed, i brush out my hair then just decide to throw it in a messy bun. I'm about ready to go but then I figure Harry may be going somewhere, like in public... so I put some makeup on to appear presentable. I grab my phone and go out the front door. I take the 27 steps to Harry's house (we counted, when we were like 10) and walk in. Being neighbors and friends since year 5 meant I was always welcome, as was he in my house.

"Harry?" I say not too loudly in case his mum or Gemma were sleeping. Suddenly someone jumps up from behind me and grabs me covering my mouth. I try to scream but I can't. I bite the hand, really hard, and then it was their turn to scream. I turn around and realize that it was just Harry. Of course. He is bent over in pain rubbing his hand. I let out a chuckle and he glares at me. "WHAT THE HELL CLAIRE?" He shouts obviously still in pain. By now I'm full on laughing at his dismay. "It's your own fault anyway," I retort, "And I still am not sure why I'm here so early." Harry's face lights up as he takes a seat next to me on the kitchen bar stools. I see muffins on the counter and I take one and begin to nibble at it as Harry tells me his ever so important news.

"I am going to try out for the X-Factor" He exclaims. I look at his face to see if he's kidding, but he's not. I jump up and throw my arms around him pulling him in for a hug. For as long as I have known Harry, he was always singing. He has an amazing voice too. One that has sung me to sleep and made me smile. He never really sang in front of crowds before. Deep in thought I didn't realize Harry was picking me up until he set me down. "I'm so proud of you Haz! You are gonna be famous! This is just so spectacular. So when are you going?" I asked him

"Today. That's why I called you over because I just decided it this morning, my mum wanted me to do it but I wasn't sure if I could handle it, but I just know am ready now." He told me with a huge grin. "I already picked my song."

"Well what are you going to sing?" I asked.

"Isn't She Lovely." He replied with a smirk. That is my favorite song and he knows it, he sings it whenever I am stressed.

"You couldn't have picked a better song." I reply smiling.

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