I pulled back the curtain to reveal no TARDIS, only a few shelves of pottery. "Your kidding." Shrugging i continued, "Well, at least it was your TARDIS not mine, Doctor."

"You're not telling me the TARDIS is gone." Donna muttered out of breath. What if we couldn't get back? After 842 years, she wasn't about to let it end like this, in Pompeii.

"Okay." The Doctor replied just staring at the space.

"Where is it, then?" I already knew his anwer.

"You.... told me not to tell you."

"Oi, don't get clever in Latin." Donna demanded scrunching up her nose again.

"Um.... excuse me. excuse me. There was a box-- big blue box, big blue wooden box, just over there. Where's it gone?" I wasn't exactly sure which was more important to him right now, finding the TARDIS, or getting away form the fuming Donna.

"Sold it, didn't i? It was on my patch. I got 15 sesterce for it-- lovely jubbly." The same man Donna talked to replied, smirking and balancing on his heels for a moment.

"Hey! Shut up and listen! That box wasn't yours to sell! Now tell us who the hell you sold it to and where it is before i wipe that smirk of your face with my foot!" I screamed.

I heard donna gasp and mutter a 'oh my god.'

The man backed away looking like he just saw a ghost. "You are unholy! this is the work of the devil!" He screamed and ranted on as the Doctor held my hand tighter and pulled me away.

"Ok, let's go." The Doctor said slightly running away.

"Is that something all timelords do?" Donna asked, the question more directed to the Doctor than me.

"What? Threaten people? Kinda. I don't get how that's so shocking though. especially to you Donna." The Doctor frowned and shook his head at Donna as if to shut her up.

What made him think that would work? "No, i want to know right now! What the hell happened back there!?" Standing in front of me as she spoke she blocked off my exit.

Shaking my head i looked down, "I honestly don't know what your talking about."

After a warning glance from the Doctor she continued, "With the hair and the eyes and the 'RRRRRR'!"

"Donna please i don't know what your talking about but leave it please. ugh! my head is killing me."

The Doctor stepped in front of me and spoke in a hushed tone, "Donna please leave it she doesn't know about it and can't yet. trust me and please leave it i'll explain later."

She scrunched her nose a bit again and nodded, "Whatever. But i WILL get answers timeboy!" I held my head in my hands and felt my long orange hair cascade down my back.

"Stay here." The Doctor said to Donna and i before walking off.

"I'd follow him but i don't feel like being called the devil again." I smiled weakly.

"I would, but i'm not just leaving you here alone." She smiled at me and i saw the kindness in her eyes. interesting thing, humans. from anger to sadness in a split second.

"Caecilius. Foss street. Big villa." The Doctor called as he passed us, grabbing my hand and pulling me with him.

"We just left Donna." i stated as we ran smiling.

"We will find her, remember you can never get rid of Donna Noble." We ran down a few streets before we finally found Foss street.

I sighed, "Now we have to find Donna."

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