Chapter 7

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Chapter 7

Paige's POV

​"Kara, he just looks so perfect when he's asleep, or uh, unconscious..." I trailed off.

​"Yeah, what the heck was with that?!?!? We can get in a lot of trouble for kidnapping him and knocking him unconscious and bringing him to our hotel room!!!"

​"Calm down. He still looks perfect. And look, he's waking up, be quiet."

​He squirmed as he woke up and stared at us. "W-where am I? What happened?"

​"Well, we kinda took you," Kara started.

​"Yeah, but, we had a good reason to."

​"Oh yeah? And what could that reason be?!?"

​"Uhm, hold on...lemme think. Any ideas Kara?" I asked looking over at Kara.

​"Yeah, here's an idea. YOU'RE CRAZY!!!" she screamed.

​"Well, we didn't mean to hurt you but you were uncooperative...I think I did it because of-"

​"Yeah, yeah. We You're insane, Paige."

​"Nu-uh!! My mom had me tested!!!" I exclaimed to Kara. "So Christian, are you mad? At us? For kind of taking you? Against your will?"

​"Nah, I suppose not. I don't have any friends and you still seem nice and friendly...ish. Even though you took me. And you're.. mdnhryufjn," he mumbled the last part and I looked over at Kara and she shrugged her shoulders. He was just hit on the head with a toaster pretty hard so I didn't really think to ask him what he said.

​"Well, anyway Christian, we need your help with a bigger mission if you don't mind..."

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