Happily Never After. (one direction)

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I guess you could say we were a couple. I mean, josh and I, we

have been spending a lot more time together. today we were

playing on the swings at the park. the little kids were looking

and staring. but we didn’t care. I  was having the best time. until

Bridget came and interrupted things. she was taking a run

around the park and was sweaty but yet still smelled

like she had just got out of the shower. Bridget is my big sister.

and she is the popular girl in school. I even get attention from

people with her being my sister. but I only get pushed down

because they think I am stealing her spotlight. but if she sees me

with even a semi cute guy she will get him and my dreams will be

ruined. forever alone. but not this time. not with josh. he is the

best thing that ever happened to me and im not letting her get to

him this time. plus, he doesn’t see anything in her unlike almost

everybody in our school. she came over to us and turned to josh.

“hey hun.” she winked and batted her fake eyelashes.

“Bridget. get away. why are you even running ms. perfect?” i

said sarcastically.

“because i just ate sandwich and am running the carbs off. why

do you even care?”

“just wondering.”

“well im gonna run home. and tell mom a little something that i

saw at the park.”

“bridget please don’t.”

“well im gonna go now. bye, jenna.” he winked at me and walked

off to his car. great. now my ride is leaving. i got closer to

bridget and snapped in her face. she said she is running home.

but lets see who get there first. i snacthed the key of her

keychain and she didn’t even notice.

“you wont ruin this for me.” i snapped and walked off. she

continued running and i got in the car. i had my license but i

wasn’t supposed to be driving by myself. but that didn’t stop me.

i drove home and luckily no one noticed that i looked a little

young. i felt my phone buzz. it was a text from josh.

+sorry i ran off. i didn’t want to witness your cat fight.+

+well. i had to steal my sisters car because you were my ride.+

+i thought you werent supposed to be on the road alone?+

+im not. that’s why youre gonna keep your mouth shut.+

+how did you steal it this time?+

+i pickpocketed her. i the master.+

+okay master. see you tomorrow. you still going?+

+yeah. text me before you leave then come pick me up.+

+okay. see you then.+

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