Minne, gasping for a single breath. tried to swim to the edge. But her leg felt as if it was pulling her down in the water. She tried reaching for a rock that was near distance but she couldn't swim towards it, She slowly felt her body sink under the high pressuring water. It consuming her slowly as if it was a monster. She closed her eyes as her head went under the water, she began to blackout. Chris and Kylie approached the pond, Kylie pointed towards the shadowy figure under the water. "Chris! there she is.!!" She shouted at Chris.Chris took off his shoes and dived head first in the water after Minne's body. He grabbed hold of Minne unconscious body and dragged her too the surface. Laying her body on the ground and giving her CPR. Kylie stood back, watching him pump the life back into Minne. Minne sat up and coughed  "*Cough* K-Kylie...C-C-Chris? whats going on?" Chris smiled and then grabbed her but the hand "Minne you are in big trouble, who the hell told you it was okay to jump in this pond? First of all its bloody dangours and second of all YOU CAN'T BLOODY SWIM!!! YOUR ARE AN IDIOT FOR THIS MINNE, I CAN'T UGH!!!" Kylie grabbed Chris's arm and pulled him toward her "Christoper! she is a little girl, don't yell at her no more okay! " Kylie said before running to helping Minne up and asking her. "Now sweetie what happened? How did you end up in the pond?" Kylie asked calm and soothing. Chris rolled his eyes as Minne said "Anne and Emily called me chicken so-soo I jumped in..." Chris, angrily ran over too her and yell "YOU IDIOT THERE IS NO EMILY OR ANNE!!! WHY CAN'T YOU UNDERSTAND THAT..." Kylie hit Chris in the back of his head and said "CHRIS STOPP IT!!!" Chris grabbed Minnes arm and pulled her towards the house. "You are in so much trouble."

When Minne got home, She was scowled at by both her parents. "Minnie you are grounded, No T.V. , No Computer, No webbcaming, And NO ANNE OR EMILY!!!" Her mother said. pointing a finger in Minne's face. Minne cried and said "But daddy, I didn't mean too. I really didn't i'm sorry. Please have a little mercy." Her father looked at her mother with an expression that clearly read "Have mercy on her, it's not like she drowned..." But her mother said "NO BUTS NO GO UPSTAIRS!!!!" Minne stood up, she had tears in her eyes. She ran upstairs, closing and locking the door.

She cried louder, making it painfully obvious that she was trying to gain attention from her father. She stopped all the hollering when she felt a small hand on her shoulder. "Emily, where were you? I almost died." She said turning around to met emily's pretty but frail face. Emily smiled and put a hand on Minne's cheek "I'm sorry Minne, but you scared me i didn't want you to die, Minne..." Minne turned away and closed her eyes. "Emily...my mom said I can't talk to you no more, she told me that your not real and that I need to grow up, so you and Anne need to leave, YOU GUYS LEAVE ME ALONE!!!" she got up and ran towards her bed. Emily stood up and followed her "Minne, They are crazy okay...I love you...more then those crazy your idiotic family, I mean did you see how they all yelled at you? They don't love you like I do." She put her hand on Minne's lap and moved closer towards her. "Minne, I will never yell at you. Never." Minne looked at her confused and said "But,I almost died because of you...right?" Emily scooted in closer so their face was eye leveled "Minne, I didn't know you couldn't swim, I would have tried and save you but, they came...Minne I love you okay." Minne smiled and said "I love you too Emily, " Emily then brought Minne's face closer and whispered in her ear "You know what you have too do?...You have too kill them..." Minne shook her head and said "How?" Emily smiled with an evil smirk "I will help you" she whispered before forcefully grabbing Minne's face and kissing her on the lips hard. Minne tried to scream but Emily was sucking her soul out of her body, The only thing Minne felt was the internal pain of Emily's soul taking the place of hers. Minne blacked out.


Picture on the right is Kylie (Taylor Spreitler)

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