Ch. 8 October 2nd

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**Albion's POV**

I could hear distant noises in the background as I cuddled in my thick green blanket.

"..Oh god.."

"Angelica.. Is she even alive..? How much Muggle hair dye did you put on her..? I've heard from Ally that it's toxic!"

Slowly my sleep started to fade as I screamed in my head, "NO! Come back! you son of Voldy, come back, Sleep!"

"ALBION!" a voice yelled.

I couldn't recognize this voice at first. It was feminine, but harsh. As if a hint of a French accent was painted over the girls tongue.

I slowly opened my eyes adjusting to the light seeping through my green blanket. I blinked a couple of times before hearing a muffled sound.

"She hasn't changed has she? Well.. Besides her new hair."

I wondered what she meant and slowly peeked over my blanket letting my now pastel pink hair fall over my eyes. I ignored my haircolor and stared at Angelica then looked next to her at the girl with her hands on her hips. She had a scowl and a half grin of evil on her brow as her auburn hair sat behind her ears in a pixi cut with blond streaks. Her body was a bit thicker than I, but much more curvy than Angelica who was a stick In between us two.

The girl had a freshly pressed Slytherin uniform on: a cardigan over the white dress shirt and green tie, the skirt and the panty-hoes with the black shoes. My hazel eyes widened in surprise.

"C-Cleo..?!" i Gasped.

Cleo was my friend since i met her in Third year. It was the type of friendship where it was an accidental bump that made us meet, although we instantly clicked within seconds.

I sat up and hugged Cleo with all my might, "oh my! I thought you were acctually going to Beouxbaton Acadamy!" I parted from Cleo and grabbed her hand as i sat on my bed, "Thank god you didn't! I need both of you," i said grabbing their hands and smiling tenderly trying not to wince at the pain in my wrist.

Angelica and Cleo returned the smile but began laughing at what they have done as a welcome back.

I finally glanced at both of them and noticed my dark locks were now the shade of a pink cake.

I was speechless.

"Oh my.. Merlin's beard.. Oh Lord Voldy.." At the sight and sound of My shock, the girls began to laugh hysterically. I grumbled something under my frustration that even i couldn't understand and began to get up to do my daily routeen.

After i was done inspecting my new hair and brushing my teeth with my only able hand, I walked out and frowned at the girls, "this isn't what i expected a look, I'm back home surprise would be."

Angie and Cleo giggled as they sat on my bed and watched me grab clothes from my trunk.

I smirked at them and said, "welcome back, you Old Hags," I laughed at their enraged expression and hurried to change into a fresh uniform.

I had a button down shirt with the Slytherin tie, the sweater over it, the skirt, knee high socks and combat boots. I never really liked those shoes they wore. I added a bit of mascara and made my way into the dorms again.

I finally walked out not bothering to do my hair, since it was fine the way the waves brushed my waist.

Angie, Cleo and I decided to walk out to grab breakfast in the Great Hall, although I was frightened about what others would say about my unexpected hair. Of course being a Metamorphangus gave me extra credibility, although only my friends knew I didn't know how to change my hair color without thought, only some physical features.

I slowly paced myself trying to slow the girls down remembering the night I had with Draco.

"Uhm.. Girls..?"

My two friends stopped any looked at me concerned. I thought what to say before I tried to lie; I was a terrible liar.

"I tripped yesterday when I was walking back from the lake.. Mind you not telling anyone? I healed the scratches on my knees and elbows but my wrist still hurts a bit.. There's more to the story but-"

Cleo cut me off and hugged me, "I know you're not telling us everything, but you will later, okay?" she leaned back and ruffled my hair a bit, "just look pretty and we'll take you to the infirmary later, 'kay?"

I nodded. Cleo was a bit sweeter than Angie, Angie was the friend to fight if someone did me wrong, she wasn't too bit on affection.

As we walked into the great hall, a large sum of people began to look at me and mutter something to their house mates around them.

"oh Voldy," I growled to myself.

"Ally, you look gorgeous with pink hair, all that's left to be a real Slytherin is that you need to walk like you own the place," Angie giggled. I smiled at her and made my way to my own table as I got glares from the usual slytherins who didn't like my friendliness with the golden trio along with others.

I noticed Blaize by himself without Draco.

"hm. How odd," I thought.

I decided to sit in front of him as Angie agreed and Cleo happily agreed since she fancied him. I couldn't blame her, he was a charmer sometimes. We began eating breakfast when I felt a pair of icy eyes catch my attention from the Great Hall Entrance burning a hole in my pink head.

**Draco's POV***

I was later than ever for breakfast. Why? Well.. I was daydreaming a bit in the showers until I remembered Blaize telling me he'd leave without me if I took too long.

I casually paced myself to the Great Hall; I was the Prince of Slytherin, a Malfoy does not hurry.

As I crossed under the arch of the entrance I looked across the busy crowd of students when a pink head caught my eye. I had to do a double take since I knew of no one in Slytherin with a pink head. I couldn't see her face since a girl was covering it but I instantly knew who it was.

I made my way to the group as I saw Blaize, Angelica and Cleo sit in front of the girl.

"I thought Cleo was going to Beouxbaton.. Hm." I said to myself.

I finally stood beside the pink haired girl when Blaize and the two other girls glanced at me and smiled. I gave them my best charming smile and quickly turned to the pink haired girl as she turned around.

My gaze fell on the hazel orbs that sent shivers Down my spine. Slowly, Albion raised an eyebrow and parted her soft pink lips into a smile.

"Draco! Behave! You've got girls dying at your feet, but you want the one you can't have, you git!" I mentally slapped myself and smiled back.

"Hi Draco!" she said expressionless. Her feminine voice rang in my ears as she began to frown.

"If your staring at my hair like the other five thousand people here, then I'll tell you the truth. These lovely girls gave me a semi-perminate purple-and-pink head this morning without my consent," she pointed at the two girls snickering in excitement.

I shook my head finally able to speak, "no, no, I was just.." I trailed off, "I was.. I was just gonna say it looks nice! Pink suits you!"

Albion's scowl turned into a smirk as her cheeks radiated a red color. I myself began to feel my face become hot noticing I complimented her. I never did before.

I could see Cleo questioning my actions to Blaize since she didn't know about the sudden 'change' that took place. I decides to sit down and spend the morning with the Pink haired girl and her friends.

And Blaize of course I can't forget him.


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