Chapter 1

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With a loud crack, Terminus disappeared. Everyone stayed frozen for 1 second until Annabeth suddenly unfroze and started moving round, getting the rope ladder without meeting anyone’s eye’s.

“So, we ready to go make peace with heavily armed roman’s?” asked Jason in a cheery voice, trying to brighten the mood.

“Let’s go,” said Annabeth “It’s now or never.”

“Wait, what about coach Hedge?” Piper said nervously.

Leo spoke up, “Yeah, we don’t want him to come out of his room and run around yelling, ‘Die!’

Jason thought about it for a while, then said “We’ll leave him in there and then explain to the praetors about his, um, tendency to be violent.”

“I guess that would be the wisest thing to do.” Said Annabeth, her gray eyes more stormy than ever.

“Well then, let’s head down, and Leo, the romans don’t have much of a sense of humor, so try not to crack ridiculous jokes when we’re introducing ourselves.” Jason added, looking slightly worried as he thought about what silly and stupid things Leo would say.

“Got it man, now come on, I want to go see some hot roman girls!”

*Line Break*

The four of them slowly descended down the ladder, with the roman’s eyeing them warily. As Jason’s feet just touched roman soil, Gaea spoke in his mind.

‘So Jason, you think you can defeat me and my sons by uniting Greek and Roman demigods. Your attempt is foolish, you’re better off just surrendering now.’

‘Shut up, Dirt face.” thought Jason angrily

But then a sudden thought crossed his mind. What it their attempt was pointless. What if him and all his friends got killed by the roman’s and Gaea did win? No. He must push that thought out of his mind. They will recognize me, and Leo sent a message to that Percy Jackson guy, so they will at least listen to them. Right?


Jason really hoped the roman’s were in a good mood today.

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