Just One More

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I look at the new BOP magazine that came today.  I look at the cover and see a picture of me walking with Ryan and holding Sarah.  It was a really good picture!

"Josh!  Look at this!"

"Cool, you look like a mom in this picture."

"Excuse me?  Did you say that I look old?"

"What?!  No. . ."

"Awww, shut it, Josh.  Your just jealous of me."  I take another look at the magazine cover, wow, this was such a magazine gone right.

"Jealous?  Of my little sister?"  

"Yes, since I'm adopted you can be jealous that I'm pretty!"  I walk towards him and make kissy lips.

"Your also only fourteen. . .  Save it for Ryan."

"Are you saying I should kiss Ryan?"  I love playing with my bro.

"I mean, it's not my choice.  But, I wouldn't be cocky!"  He says all to seriously.  My birthday party.  Stop it, Liv!  They don't like you!

"I'm being cocky?"

"No!  No!  I just meant, like that, ya know what never mind."

"Okay. . ."  That was the moment I stare at the cover.  In the corner it says 'Did Liv Lie?' and a picture of Cameron walking away from me at the park.  No!  This couldn't be happening!  If I get attacked one more time, I'll explode.  Once is enough.  I have to fix this.

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