Chapter 1

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"I know you’re trying to forget, but between the drinks and subtle things the holes in my apologies, you know I’m trying hard to take it back so if by the time the bar closes. And you feel like falling down I’ll carry you home..." 

 FUN-we are young

Yup it was graduation night .  2013! all the way I was hanging out with some of my graduated seniors we were all at Jace house partying drinking hanging on too are last bit of youth we still had left. In a few hours most of us will be leaving, going off to college, getting a job, married and others still doing the same things.

 "Let's make a toast!" Jace yelled we were in the living when we came with a bunch of fancy glasses and started passing them around.

 "What's with the fancy glasses?" someone asked.

 "Well in a few hours we well be following are dreams or taking over a family business some still stuck in this dumbed" he laughed and open a bottle of wine and started to pour into are glasses "But the thing is were all adults now we never thought this day would come but it did we all changed like it or not some of the best and others not so much" he started to walk around the room looking at each of use in the eye.

 "Aw Jace don't go all soft on us now we just had this speech a couple hours ago" said Brain one of  Jace best friends.

 "Look I promise to keep it short but listen" he rise is glasses and we all did too "A toast to new beginning's and new friends may we all be in touch I wish you nothing but the best" he smiled and took a huge sip soon everyone was clicking there glasses and drinking. After a while the music came back up and everyone continued to party I went looking for Jace.

 "Hey Jace great speech" I smiled giving him a huge bear hug.

 "Thank's peaches" I rolled my eyes at that nickname somethings never change.

 "Well its almost time I'm heading out" I yelled over the music.

 "Your leaving all ready" he yelled looking sad.

 "Yeah my flight leaves in 3 hours I have to go pack"

 "Do you need a ride?" I shock my head because I think if I yelled any louder I might lose my voice I gave him a another huge and a kiss on the cheek "Before" he yelled over the music and I smiled and left.

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