Brother and Sister In Law

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Harry's POV

I woke up and noticed that Ellie's warm body wasn't in bed I looked in the ensuite and she wasn't there, as I fell back into bed i noticed a note in Ellies handwriting

Morning Baby,

My sister in law and Simon are here they came at about 11 so make sure you're wearing clothes;) They are looking forward to meeting you!

I love you

Ellie xx

I got up and had a quick shower and changed into my ramones t shirt and skinny jeans and towel dried my hair and styled it in my own special way, then I brushed my teeth and walked into the living room. Ellie gave me a quick peck on the lips and intoduced me to her brother Simon, who i think she looks like. And then she introduced me to a blonde tanned girl called Izzie, she was a dentist and she was pretty but compared to my Ellie she was nothing! I said hello and sat beside Ellie and she lent her haid against my chest and I kissed her jaw, we talked with Simon and Izzie for 4 hours before a crying broke the convosation "Sorry let me go check on Jessica" Izzie said, erm Jessica? I thought Simon must've sensed my confusion "Shes our daughter shes 18 months old now" I smiled, "I love kids not in a creepy way though.." Ellie and Simon chuckled as Izzie walked out with the cutest baby girl ever. She had blonde hair and big brown eyes like Simon, Izzie put Jessica down on the floor and she stood up and made her way to Ellie who had a massive smile on her face, when she hugged her niece. "Jess i've missed you! Can I have a kiss?" As Ellie said that Jess kissed her on the lips and she started gargeling and trying to say 'Ellie' "Jess this is Harry" as smiled and replied "Hello Jess, I'm your aunties boyfriend" Jess smiled and crawlled onto my lap and kissed my cheek "uncle" Jess said to me earning a round of "Awws" from everyone, "We should go, its getting late" Izzie said with a hint of sadness, "Okay well I hope to see you soon!" Ellie said smiling. "It was lovely meeting you" I said with a smile too. "Erm I was thinking as its our anniversary today would you like to look after Jess?" Izzie said with a hint of hope "Yes We would love to!!" I said with obvious happyness. "Thank you so much!" Si said very pleased. "How long for?" Ellie said "You can have her for a week? Its obvious Harry adores her so?" I smiled so wide I thought my mouth was going to fall off. "Yes we would lovvee that" I said. "Well we should be off" Izzie said hugging Ellie and then hugging me, Si hugged Ellie and 'bro' hugged me they then kissed and said goodbye to Izzie after they left we fed Jess and put her to bed me and Ellie stayed up and watched Lord Of The Rings, after it went off it was 2 in the morning and we headed to bed in other words I picked her up changed her into pyjamas and tucked her in and I got into my boxers and she kissed my lips and mumbled "goodnight sweety, I love you" I said a goodnight and said "I love you too" back and we fell asleep with our legs intwined.

Ellies POV

I woke up alone, as I got up to have a shower I heard lots of adorable gigging, I opened my and Harrys bedroom door and walked into the front room to find Harry and Jess playing shops in their pyjamas..

"Hello Madam how are you?" Harry said in an adorable accent,

"I'm fine Sir I was wondering if I could buy you?" I said with a cheeky wink whilst Jess giggled uncontrolably. Harry looked up and kissed my chin

"Morning sweety do you want some breakfast?" Harry asked smiling

"I'm fine you carry on playing shops.." I said whilst laughing. I picked up Jess as she kissed my cheek and muttered a "goodmorning" Harry stood up and gave me a proper kiss and then turned to Jess "How about we go to the Zoo!!?" Harry said a little bit excited..

"YESS!" Jess said and jumped into Harrys arms kissing his cheek. Aw I have to get a picture! I picked up my phone and took a picture of Jess kissing Harrys cheek and Haz grinning like a fool.

"How about we invited Ed, Milie, Niall, Liam, Louis, El, Dani, Perrie and Zayn?" I asked

"Yeah! They can meet my favourite girl in the world!" Haz said looking at Jess I coughed loudly making sure he knows I can hear him..

"You're my favourite LADY!" Harry said kissing my nose and lips.

"Okay well we need to get ready!" I said, Harry picked up Jess and took her to her room and helped her change and he got the job of changing her nappy whilst I had a shower. After I got the shower I put on a towel and walked back into the room to see Haz naked (a/n please take a moment to imagine this delightful image(; ) looking for clean boxers, Hey I'm not complaining! I dropped my towel and pulled out clean underwearing slipping it on earning winks from Harry.. I pulled out Dolce & Gabbana skinny jeans, a Jack Wills top and my favourite Chanel satchel bag. Harry was wearing faded skinny jeans and his Ramones t shirt and white converse and as we stepped out I saw Jess matching her "Uncle" she was wearing faded skinny jeans, a Ramones t shirt and white converse! They look adorable! I snapped another picture and slipped on Chanel flats as everyone gathered at our flat cooing over baby Jess. This is going to be so fun! I can't wait Jess is going to love it Harry and her are adorable together as are Jess and the rest of the boys and El, Dani and Perrie love her too! We've decided to take Jess shopping with us tomorrow! Hopefully she'll loooovvvee it! Ed and Emilia have gone to Framlingham to see Eds parents for 2 whole weeks! Lucky Emilia!! Hahaaha.


Sorry I haven't updated in agess! Been so busy because of the summer! Atleast I'm not forever alone!;)

I really hope you like this Chapter! I can't wait til the next chapter when their actually at the zoo!

Harrys so cute! I can't wait til he has kids because I bet they'll make him match him or her just for a laugh!!

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