Chapter 4: The Baby?!

"Guys, I think my water just broke." I say worried. "W-W-What?!?!!" screams Harry. "Well, don't just stand there! Take me to the hospital!" I yell at them. "Okay, okay!" says Niall. "Louis get her in the car." commands Zayn. "Niall, Harry and I will start gathering blankets and stuff, we'll meet you there." "Alright," says Harry. "We're trusting you." "It's gonna be fine." says Lou holding my hand. "Don't touch me." I say pulling my hand away. "Sorry," he says "Not there yet?" "Not even close I say turning my head. "Louis, here is the address." says Zayn handing Lou a piece of paper. "I don't care where we go! Just get me there!" I scream in pain. "Niall, go upstairs and get towels." Orders Zayn. "How many?" asks Niall. "A lot." replies Zayn. "Okay." says Niall running upstairs. "Harry, go to the store and buy some baby bottles, about 8." commands Zayn again. "Okay." says Harry jumping into the Hummer. "I'll go make sure their okay at the hospital." I say to myself while Niall and myself hop into the Maxima. "Help, she's in labor!" screams Lou. "Bring her into this room." says the nurse. "Okay." says Lou as he does. "You need to leave sir." says the doctor to Louis. "Okay." says Lou and walk out.  

                                                                     1 HOUR LATER....

"Did we miss it?!" says a curiouis Zayn. "No, they won't let me in though." says Louis "We'll wait with you." says Niall "You may  enter, Mr. Tomlinson." says the doctor. "Okay, c'mon guys." says Louis. "Who are they?" asks the doctor. "They are my band-mates." replies Louis. "Okay?" says the doctor curiously. "C'mon guys." they walk in. "Hey, guys." says Ale weakly. "How you doing?" asks Liam. "Fine." she replies "Time to see if it's a boy or a girl." says the nurse. "It's a...."

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