We're going to hell anyway

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O my gawd, my very first Wattpad story. I am working more seriously on another story, but I was bored and wrote this. I edited it myself, and since I'm Dutch, there will probably be several mistakes in it. Sorry for that. I shall stop talking. Enjoy.


The sun was shining on my face and woke me up. I had a splitting headache and the sunlight, being painfully bright, wasn't helping. "Damn you, sun." I muttered. I had a habit of talking to objects when I was alone. Or at least, when I thought I was alone.

"It makes the rock on your finger shine pretty." A familiar male voice said.

I growled, but didn't open my eyes. "Again?"

"Nice to see you too, honey."

I finally opened my eyes and looked up at the ceiling, trying to remember what happened last night. It was all a big black hole in my memories. My headache got worse when I tried to remember it, so I looked aside to see the person I had been speaking with. The person I had drunkenly married last night and, based on the fact we were both naked, slept with. Again.

A lot of people go to Vegas. A lot of people get very drunk. And even a lot of people get married to a stranger, but almost no one does that multiple times. And absolutely no one goes to Vegas, gets drunk and marry the same man three times.

Except me.

Meet Dominic Portman, the man I had now drunkenly married three times. And I didn't remember a single wedding.

The first time it happened, I was celebrating my sisters' bachelorette party. Waking up the next morning with a husband I had never seen before had been really awkward, but the man turned out to be a friendly, rich guy. He payed for the divorce and we both went our separate ways.

The second time, my sister had just divorced and I couldn't think of anything else to cheer her up, promising myself to stay sober. On the evening itself, my sister had ditched me for some random drunk guy and I was bored, so I had one drink, but it turned out to be stronger than I thought it would be. I woke up married to the same man as the previous time. He insisted to pay for the divorce again and I promised myself that that would never happen again.

But here I was, again. I let out a deep sigh and closed my eyes again. The light really was painful. "We gotta stop meeting like this."

He chuckled. "You're probably right. Need some aspirin?"

I sent him a small smile, my eyes still closed. "You're great."

"Thanks." I felt him getting up and heard him walking away. "You were great last night too, had some practise?" He asked over his shoulder.

I heard him grabbing a glass and filling it with water, before searching through the cabins. "Lots." I answered, knowing very well that he didn't remember anything from last night either.

Dominic came back in the room and I opened my eyes. Then I noticed something. "You had a haircut."

"You have a tattoo." He responded while handing me the aspirin and the water.

"Yeah." was my brilliant answer, before thankfully taking the medicine. I had not so long ago got myself a tattoo on my left inner thigh. My dad had past away two years ago and I finally had had the money to get myself the same tattoo he used to have. It was a little black motorcycle. I didn't like motorcycles, but my dad used to love them and his tattoo. I really missed him.

Dominic had in the meantime walked over to the closet and put on some pants, when he threw some clothes for me on the bed. I vaguely recognised the green lingerie.

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