No More Lonely Nights - Chapter Sixteen

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5 October 1962.

Liverpool, England.

ALLIE: I woke up this morning and I had this strange feeling that something was going happen. Something good, nothing bad. I just didn’t know what.

I got up and headed to the kitchen, only to find a note on the fridge from my mother saying she had gone to market and wouldn’t be back till the afternoon. Like I cared. I ripped the note to shreds and tossed it in the wastebasket. I got the tea kettle out of the cabinet and filled it with water, trying to decide if I wanted tea or coffee that morning. I switched on the radio and tuned it to the station that played all the current rock-and-roll music, as it was far too quiet in the house for my taste. I reached into the glass canister on the counter and pulled out a tea bag to put in the mug I held in my hand.

A song came on the radio at that moment, one that opened with a very familiar harmonica bit. I screamed and dropped the mug on the cold tile floor, not caring that it literally exploded as it hit the ground.

Love Me Do.

PAUL: I was woken out of a sound sleep by the ringing of the phone in the next room. I sighed and got out of the bed, not particularly wanting to answer the phone unless it was someone who really needed me. But who would at eight in the morning. “Hello?”

“It’s me!” I heard Allie gasp on the other end. “Oh my God, Paul, you have to turn on the radio! NOW! Hurry!”

“Why?” I asked. “Which station?”

“JUST DO IT! The one that plays all the current stuff. Hurry!”

I fiddled with the radio dial until the station signal came in clear, and it was at that moment that the phone all but fell from my hand.

Love Me Do.

ALLIE: I couldn’t get to Paul’s apartment fast enough. Lack of a car didn’t even stop me, as I ran the whole way. Two miles to his apartment I ran. I didn’t care. The excitement that was flowing through me now was enough to give me the adrenaline necessary for such an endeavor.

I made it to his apartment in fifteen minutes flat, out of breath and exhausted but still insanely ecstatic. I climbed the stairs to the fourth floor and began pounding on his door. “Paul! Open up, hurry! It’s me, Allie!”

I heard his footsteps a moment later, and judging from the sound, he was running. He flung open the door, and the look on his face was one of the utmost in happiness. “I can’t believe it!” he exclaimed, sweeping me off my feet and into his arms. “We have a song on the radio now!” Paul kissed me. “I’m just… I can’t even express how happy I am!”

“I know, same with me!” I kissed his cheek and held onto him tighter. “The Beatles on a Liverpool rock and roll radio station! Who knows how many people heard that!”

“I cannot even imagine.” Paul set me back on my feet and took both my hands. “This is… I don’t even know what to say.”

I heard footsteps thumping loudly up the stairs, which were next to the door to Paul’s apartment, and a moment later, George’s face appeared in the doorway. “OH MY GOD! Did you hear? Love Me Do was on the radio!”

“Allie called me and told me!” Paul replied. “I’m so happy!”

“Me too! John called me and woke me out of a dead sleep, but it was worth it. Apparently Ringo had called him and John tried calling you but got a busy signal. I’m guessing that was when Allie was talking to you, Paul.” George stopped talking and took a deep breath. “I’m.. yeah. I ran all the way here. My father has one car and my mother has the other. Quite a ways to run, too. Seven miles.”

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