A big secret

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Charlotte felt like someone had just hit her, she got slowly up trying to assume everything she found out. 

“Char! Dinner is ready!”- called her aunt.

Charlotte went all her way downstairs and to the dining room, she felt like she was doing a huge effort. She didn’t want to eat, she just looked at her plate.

Her aunt thought it was because of her mother, but the truth is, she even forgot about that.

She went back to her room and laid on her bed, all lights were off, it was all dark. 

She couldn’t stop thinking about everything.

Charlotte went to her parent’s room again, she took the letter and read it over and over again, but there was something that didn’t fix in all that, her mom wrote “to our kids”… “Our KIDS” I thought I was an only child did Charlotte think to herself. Why kids? Where’s the other one? Why didn’t she know about that? 

She had to find more out, she needed it, deep inside of her, she knew that couldn’t be just a mistake.

She wiped her tears and started looking into her parent’s stuff, she threw everything on the floor, everything that belonged to her dad, to Michael. 

She knew there had to be something. She opened the closet, and went through everything they had there, but…what was that?

She took it in her hands, it was a little black box.

She opened it carefully, there was a document and some photos.

She looked at the pictures and saw her mom holding a baby in her arms, it was a little boy, her father, no, Michael was also there, but no one else. She didn’t know her mom had another son, she kept looking at those mysterious photos not knowing what to do. She fell asleep right there and woke up still in the night, walked to her room and kept sleeping. 

The next morning she told her aunt she wanted to go to Japan, she needed to ask her parents about that baby that seemed to be her brother, her little brother.

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