9. Strong as Bone

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Mike and I departed and went to Alpha Henry's office. I knocked with my free hand because my other was holding Paris.

"Come in." Hen said on the other side of the doors.

"Heyy, Hen!" I chirped. "Found the cluck yet?" I joked.

"What's that?!" Hen yelled and pointed to Paris. I turned to wink at Mike. He nodded in approval of the prank.

"You, Alpha Henry, forgot that your Beta got me knocked up! You of all people should of noticed." I said sternly and feigned hurt. His eyes were exactly the same as Mike's reaction.

"You," pointed to mike. "and you." He said and pointed at me.

"WHAT?!" A voice boomed and Spencer stormed in. He must of been eavesdropping. He looked at Paris and went paler than a vampire. Mike and I busted into laughter.

"There is a note," I said trying to sustain my laughter. I could of had given birth to this angel since shifters pups only need three months to develop. Spencer rapidly took the note out of my grasp. He relaxed completely and handed the note to Hen. Hen nodded in understanding.

"So..." Hen started.

"I request full responsibility of Paris." I said cradling Paris in my arms.

"You have my blessing, but Bri you do know that this is not like Freddy." He said knowingly that I thought my pet fishy was dead and flushed him down the toilet, but it turned out he was very much alive. I grimaced of the memory.

"I know that." I stated the obvious. "I have Mike to help, right?"

"Of course, babe." He said and kissed my cheek. Spencer growled at us and caused Mike to growl louder to signal that he would protect his new family at any cost. Spencer walked out of the office angrily.

"Congrats." Hen said and gave both of us hugs. We soon departed and went our separate ways. I took Paris and left the office. Mike had business to attend before he would be able to take me to Wal-Mart. I was walking to the kitchen for a muffin because it was getting about dinner time and I was hungry as a wolf. HeHe. I went to the cabinet section that held snacks and got a chocolate chip muffin. I was munching on the muffin and heard some one clear their throat. I turned and screamed in excitement.

"Boney Tony!" I screamed and ran with Paris in my arms and gave Anthony a big hug. He chuckled lowly.

"I'm not boney anymore." He said motioning his buff body. I giggled at the truth. His golden hair was sleek and his blue eyes held nothing but excitement.

"So true," I said with a grin and sat down to finish my muffin. ",so did you find your mate?" I said with mouth full of bread. His emotions darkened. "I'm sorry, too person-"

"No," He huffed. "Stella... was blinded. She only wanted power... she didn't recognized her own mate... until after she mated with Spencer." He spat his name out with disgust. "She soon found out that we were mates, but I refused to get with her. Since she wasn't true mates with Spencer she forced information of his mate... she created a whole tantrum and went looney after she accepted the guilt." He explained slowly. I put a hand on his shoulder.

"Your very strong Tony to live through that. Dang. You will find someone. I also thought all was lost until my true love came in to the picture. You will find the special wolf." I said with a sad smile and turned towards the door. "It was great talking with you Boney Tony." I said lastly and searched for Mike with Paris snoring in my hands.





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