Chapter Two

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Casey's POV

I turned around slowly, thinking maybe, if I didn't make any sudden movements, the zombie would bypass me or something. You know what they say, false hope is better than no hope.

My heart stopped as I stood facing the infected. It was holding a crowbar! Great! Now they use weapons! I thought, obviously not thinking logically. My little 'ol bat was not going to do much damage up against a zombie wielding a crowbar. The clang of metal caused me to jump as the once-female-human zombie dropped the crowbar.

"You're alive?" it whispered. I took a step back, knocking over something in the process, but not bothering to see what it was. So this was not a zombie. No, not at all. Instead it was a pink-haired teenage girl.

"Who are you?" I asked. My bat was still firmly raised in a position to swing if need be.

"My name is Alex. How long have you been here?" the girl asked. Well I sure wasn't going to let her be in charge. After all, I was here first.

"This is my domain, I ask the questions. Mwahahahaha!" Everything sounds better with sound effects.

"Um, okay. Will you at least privelage my with your name?" Alex asyked. She sounded annoyed. Hmm. I wonder why.

"Casey. So how have you managed to stay alive so long? And... Why didn't you get the shot? Everybody got it."

"If everybody got it, why didn't you?" she countered.

"Good point. Well, you see, I despise needles. I figured, until they create ITA Vaccine: The Pill, I'm outta luck. Besides, my mom only managed to get one appointment. My brother and father didn't get one either." Even though I was still a little bit in shock over seeing another human being, it was so nice and refreshing to actually talk to someone other than myself. "Tell you what. Why don't we go back to my humble abode and get a little something to eat. My treat."

"Sure. What do you have?" Alex asked, bending down to retrieve her crowbar. Note to self: Find a crowbar.

"Ahh, a better question: What don't I have?" I said, gesturing around. I mean, come on, people, this was a BJ's!

When we got back to my hideout, I grabbed two of my precious Little Debbie's muffins, kicking the one that had fallen on the floor before I met Alex, and tossed one to her. "You do like muffins?" I asked. Honestly, I didn't care whether or not she did. I figured if I were kind enough to welcome Alex into my hiding place--not to mention, my food stash--she should be grateful for whatever I decided to give her.

"They're okay, I guess." I shot her a glare. "Not that I'm complaining or anything," she added quickly.

"So what's your story, since I told you mine?" I asked, after taking a bite of my muffin.

"Well, my mom made appointments for my whole family to get the vaccine, but I overslept. I don't understand why my mom didn't wake me up. Maybe they were running late or something and she could wake me up. I don't know, but when I woke up, everyone was gone. They didn't come back. I heard the broadcast, packed a few things, and left. I wasn't going to stay there and get infected myself.

"I've just been running, trying to survive, and now here I am. So what's the rest of your story? You said before that only your mom got the vaccine. Where's the rest of your family?" Alex asked. I shut my eyes and leaned back against the wall.

"My mom came back that night. She was fine. The next day, she said she felt a little sick. Said she had the flu. It just got worse. A couple days later, my mom had gotten so bad, my dad decided to take her to the hospital. My and my brother, Erik, stayed home. A few hours later, my dad got back. He had a bandage wrapped around his hand. He told us that Mom had... bit him. He said it wasn't that big of a deal, the doctors would take care of her. But I could see it in his face, that something was terribly wrong."

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